Monday, February 4, 2013

Overly Attached Boyfriend

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  1. She really looks like she’s enjoying all of his luhhhhhhhhhh.

  2. “Ok Denise, Truth or Dare… Are you a dirty arse slut?” “Ummmm…. dare!” “Ok you have to go out with Ray” “FFFFUUUUCCCKKK… I’M AN ARSE SLUT!!! ARSSSSSEEEESLLLLLLUUUUUUTTTTTTT….. fuck.”

  3. lol what a loser… girls are supposed to be destroyed mentally and emotionally because it’s fun.

  4. stubbyholder, what the fuck did I just read?

  5. He looks like he’s crying in that lower left one.

    Yet another sackless S.N.A.G. in the making.

  6. She looks like she’s crying in every shot, and then she whispers in his ear, “Dammit, will you get your damned hands off my ass?”

  7. denise is hot, i’m going for that robbery

  8. Tops and fingers.

  9. I see a restraining order in their future!

  10. I think the age looks like she’s crying because she’s Asian. I’ve never watched a Asian porn where the girl doesn’t look like she’s crying.

  11. girl*

  12. Sleptwithghosts you’re a dick

  13. Why did this story get so many thumbs down, it’s funny as hell!

  14. Two questions:

    1.) Why do people wannabe hipsters wear stocking caps indoors?

    2.) Why does his stocking cap have a reservoir tip?

    He’s twelve-years-old. He’ll either learn from this experience or remain a virgin until his late 30’s.

  15. #10 – that’s because the Asian porn you watch isn’t consensual.

  16. eh it’s still guilt free.

  17. He’s not a wannabe-hipster, haggie, he’s a wannabe Justin Bieber.
    Which is so much worse.

  18. It looks like she’s just realised she’s on a date with Mr Bean

  19. She looks like she doesn’t want photographic evidence they dated. She’s probably too young/not experienced/not assertive enough to tell him she’s really not interested. After a couple of weeks of living in terror of him emotionally and physically smothering her 24/7 and the stress of trying to avoid him prevents her from eating or sleeping, she’ll finally use some desperate, lame excuse why they can’t date. He’ll cry, and she’ll have to spend the next few weeks washing the sickening smell of his cheap, overpowering cologne out of all of her clothes.

  20. yeah this dude is in for a really rude awakening. that’s life, brah.

  21. OMG, maybe this is the same kids from the post about the guy peeing himself cuz he’s so sad…maybe that’s how this relationship ended!

  22. You can hang out with me until his balls drop……

  23. That poor girl…. she obviously does NOT want to be there…

  24. SeriousInternetBusiness

    I think you guys are reading it all wrong, in the bottom two, that we can’t see, her face is facing towards him, kissing him, but she’s still covering her face, I think she just doesn’t want her face in the photo.

  25. He obviously cries when he cums…..

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