Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oww, My Head Hurts

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  1. Carly made my day just now. Thanks, Carly!

  2. Female oriented much?

  3. Yeah, this is so sexist!!!

  4. This makes me want to add pepper spray to popular feminine hygiene products, imagine the madness that would follow! #3, That’s absurd, it’s not sexist if it’s true, they’re not morons because they’re women, they’re just fucking idiots.

  5. But, there is a definite theme to it…

  6. There’s Helen Keller, mother Teresa, Oprah, Meryl Streep and now there’s Melissa. Happy women’s day ladies and gentlemen.

  7. #3, see #5, now repeat #3. Helen Keller was blind, Mother Teresa was old, Oprah is black, Meryl Streep is a racist lesbian, don’t get me started on Mel, she sounds like she’s fucking 12, but, in her defense, the Titanic wasn’t an event, it was a big fucking boat.

  8. So if it involves some posts from/about women, it’s female oriented, does that mean all other posts are male oriented?

  9. ^white 18-45yr male orientated.

  10. I’m sure there are some, but how significant is the number of men that draw their own eyebrows on and/or use tampons? Melissa is only a product of San Diego.

    If that scenario ever happens to Carly again, and she DOES wash her hands, she will realize that there’s a reason some people prefer to handle spicy chiles with gloves.

  11. The titanic was cruise ship, not a boat. Big difference, emphasis on ‘big’.

  12. What are you a semen? Am I wrong or is a ship not the same thing as a ‘big fucking boat’?, emphasis, on BiG. 😛

  13. *Ok, Samora, technically, your right, I’ll give you that, but, this is lamebook, not the Navy.* That being said, you are being neither lame, nor funny. So please, say something catty or GTFO 😀

  14. ^ I love a good pissing contest/boat-metaphor.

  15. I object, CpnJaques. Mother Teresa was one sizzling hot babe, in her day. You’ve just seen pics of her after she got old. But the rest, I agree with.

  16. The second one is retarded. I know a girl with no hair on her body whatsoever, and she draws her eyebrows on, and uses a wig and fake lashes. This girl could either have lost her hair recently, or she could have just started drawing her eyebrows on.

  17. #15 I might have to google that a little later, maybe you’re onto something. Would I go to hell for masterbating to pictures of Mother Teresa? If you’re wrong though I’m going to have to go back to the dirty pics of Princess Diana stripping on the deck of a big boat…mmm…sexy…

  18. CapnJaques you spelt you’re wrong. Are you a fucking retard?

  19. ^ I think he meant “misterbaiting” otherwise known as “trolling for dudes”

  20. #1 is a rehash, #2, they are called tattoos, #3 …. thank you. You made dinner and are not pregnant. Winning.

  21. Maibe I’m crusty, maibee it’s like was , no you, an miner oversit, ore maibe I just it dad too aggravate yew. In ane case, thaynk yew fore punting owt mie misteak, nought bee sars casket ore anything, I doughnut myeself it lyke . Hoe weaver your wrong, It dad spill it rite, just I use tit in teh wrung con text. It should be you’re. As in, the only thing you accomplish by correcting my minor grammatical errors is making me horny. Congratulations, Crustylovelips, you gave me the first chubby of the day. 😛

  22. 1 – 0 to me, thanks for biting though.

  23. BTW: Extra credit if you decide you want to take on THAT challenge. Your prize? The same thing every child gets for winning a spelling bee. Pride in your ‘leet English skills.

  24. 2 – 0

  25. U r welcum, mi tacher. BBL, I lick when you take to mi. Is fun 😀

  26. That’s fun? N’aww.

  27. Father Mahoney and Pope Benedict XVI are such idiots. They keep trying to convince me Jesus was real!?

    Jesus Christ Superstar was just a movie morons…

    And not a very good one actually. Andrew Lloyd Webber looks a bit like Gollum taking a shit.

  28. Haha…So, anyway, as much fun as this was, I left and attempted to go to a meeting and apparently my head gasket is cracked. My life is practically the definition of shit going wrong at the worst possible time. Have a nice day guy, I have to quit acting retarded and be serious for a little bit! 😀

  29. ^ I hear that. The other day I was wiping my arse with a £50 note; usual stuff. But then I got a bit of poo on my finger. Life’s a bitch.

  30. can someone help me out with the second one?

  31. Yes chompchomp, I can: the second is is not lame at all. Someone has no eyebrows (perhaps as a result of chemotherapy, over enthusiastic plucking or alopecia) and so draws them on with an eyebrow pencil. She forgets and smudges them when she wipes her brow. So she wants a recommendation for a ‘permanent makeup artist’ – which is someone skilled in the specialised art of tattooing for cosmetic purposes (rather than just skulls and barbed wire). Lamebook can sometimes be a dick.

  32. The chick with no eyebrows is named Maria. There’s no medical reason for her drawn-on eyebrows, she’s obviously a chola, ese.

  33. how did crusty score himself 2-0 when he got his ass kicked? (again)
    delusional little bitch, isn’t he?

  34. Capn, sorry to hear you didn’t make it to your meeting. Was your sponsor understanding about that “broken head gasket” just outside your dealer’s place?

    Give up and let God, mine friend.

  35. Nope, didn’t care, wasn’t so much a meeting as a job interview…would of had it too had I made it there. Good news it should be all fixed by Monday and they ‘might’ give me another chance to come in if if I’m lucky

  36. In that case, good luck, Capn (and I’m not even being sarcastic for a change!)

  37. you should write that in your blog.

    but yeah, you were right, your life does seem to be in the toilet.
    How many nuns did you rape, anyway?

  38. Better question is, how many nuns DIDN’T I rape during my years working as a LEO? Karma’s an evil little whore.

  39. yeah. Makes you wonder what the fuck did those nuns did to kick all that shit off in the first place.

  40. Crusty-
    You’re as in… You are in need of a fucking dictionary.
    Your… When you get your dictionary I hope you use it.
    The definition of your is belonging to you. Now that our grammar lesson is over read your conception of misspelling in the cap’n comment….feel a little retarded now?

  41. ^crusty done a flounce.

  42. You’re*!! I experience temporary loss of my intelligence when dealing with stupid Fucking retards!
    MsAnneThrope I’ve read your comments, your manner reminds me of my own! Your bitch slaps of reality are what people need!

  43. ^ doesn’t pay attention to the shit she post, which ends up on the wrong page…dammit!

  44. yay 3-0 for another one that bites

  45. sure crusty. the way you reverse-engineer your shame into something more empowering isn’t pathetic at all.

  46. sure MsAnne, the way you engineer your own post to degrade another because you’re so insecure isn’t pathetic at all.

  47. Oh? So I’m insecure now? Care to illustrate your cute little story? Please tell me how I’m insecure. Give examples, too, cockbreath.

  48. What? Was that not clear enough for you? “degrade another”…have you ever seen anything so insecure? You’ve gotta be one of the few that keeps coming back to check these old threads, why? You spend hour after hour on here, why? I bet you sit awake at night, wondering what people think about you and why you don’t have any friends. Are you single? I bet you’re single. Whenever a member of the opposite sex shows you the slightest bit of interest, you jump all over them so hard that they run for the hills as fast as they possibly can. Cockbreath? Nope.

  49. your problem, one of them, is that you have no idea how to be funy.
    you’re just…not.

  50. like my status if your agains funy

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