Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pair Problems

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  1. Start fucking with people’s usernames, and this place is dead to me.

  2. i said this yesterday. if it carries on then i’m done.

  3. alord i supa fucked off wiv it there loadsa posts that say me that anit me y peple gota do that?

  4. i think #53 is a fake.

  5. dirtylittlepretty

    Harry should be questioning why Vinny knows that his girl’s vagina looks like bbg………………btw gross.

  6. alord u got it sooooooooo rong im the reel fuckin yoink fa fucks sake sweer to god im getin so vex if i find owt who it is impostrin im gunna put a cucumba so far up there ass theyl get a sore froat

  7. is there a way to privat mesage on here? it ther is alord go back to one my orignal posts were u no its defo me pm me an il say wat u sed in the pm then ul no im the reel one

  8. this is getting dumb .. is that the same yoink that said both those things? I blame myself, I explained how to change your name 🙁

  9. fuckmustard!!!!!! ur falt!!! cucumbas gonna pikkle!!!!!!

  10. 56 an 57 is bofe me fuckmustard but the dude whos pretendin to be me is sayin that hes the reel one an i need the way to prove it im gettin seryusly fucked off wiv it i fink sumones tryin ta drive me of lamebook

  11. I am sorry yoink, I didn’t realize people were going to be idiots about it.

  12. fuckmustard 59 anit me dude i no udint meen it u was just explaynin just sum peple gota be dicks abowt it an wheva it is stop ur fuckin me of

  13. Arg this sucks, can we complain to the creators/editors of Lamebook to make them fix this ?

  14. fuckmustard can they fix it? seryusly guna hav to leve if they dunt stop

  15. They should be able to fix it since most sites don’t allow duplicate names.

  16. @yoink and F&%*Mustard – it appears to be a problem with the WordPress software which Lamebook uses. I’m not sure there’s much they could do other than find new software. Could be wrong though, hope I am.

  17. oh dan you make me laugh since you didn’t even type my name fully:)

  18. Lamebook fucking sucks.

  19. Think Boz had the right idea.

  20. Hey Hobo, notice how “Soup” didn’t post anything after you called him out?

  21. Suspicious, anit?

  22. Just a little. And as you pointed out, he/she/it apparently forgot that the REAL Soup’s name is hyperlinked. Splendid disguise.

  23. I would think that bbq vag would be an indication of a pretty serious problem–not something to be desired. And why does Vinny know what his buddy’s gf’s vag looks like? What kind of bbq? Pulled pork? That’s gross. Just sayin’.

  24. Would the real soup, please stand up???

  25. You can hyperlink your name? Coolness!

  26. Hah! It worked! Sorry, I am having a ‘Eureka!’ moment, however lame it may be to others.

    Although the fact that I appear to be alone on this site at this time may enhance the sheer lameness of my ‘Eureka!’ moment.. Ah well.

  27. @ dare2claire, how does one hyperlink their name??

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