Monday, April 19, 2010

Parental Problems

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  1. iddjit,

    You sound like a sick fuck.

    I like it.

  2. I had know idea there were people like iddjit.

    I don’t feel alone in this world anymore.

  3. omg a pregnant woman in a dorky picture everyone FREAK OUT, WHILE THINKING OF THE CHILDREN. The boring, uptight little pricks who will bitch about their embarrassing baby photos as teenagers.

    I seriously cannot, seriously, like CANNOT, believe she posed for a picture while a child was in her body.

    Doesn’t she know that for lamebookers, the only acceptable items to have in your body are 1) a large stick, up your ass or 2) a quantity of sand, in your vagina.

  4. iddjit is a virgin. Hi iddjit!

  5. You’re not alone HeSaid.

    You have me.

  6. Hahahahahahaha!

  7. Don’t get me hot and bothered word. My back hurts and I just don’t know how much it can take.

  8. #1 – she’s totally going to pop that baby out into the basket… Then eat it.

    #2 – “You said it was my turn next daddy!”

  9. @Maggie
    Who licked the red of your lollipop? Seriously what the hell? I mean yeah the guy shouldn’t be boozing like that, but go to jail? I don’t think so…you need a nap or something.

    btw thanks for letting us all know that you’re pretty. That makes it all ok haha

  10. Neither one of these is that horrible. In #2 they are obviously camping or hunting or some crap with all that stuff in the background. Of course the kid gets to stay up late. She’s just hanging on to dad’s leg for attention (always assuming that actually is her father and not uncle or older brother). Anyone that didn’t see their parents ever drink growing up probably was raised in some sort of freakish puritanical, ultra religious conservative household.
    The first pic, not the bestest but who cares?

  11. Stretch marks are gross, but at least they’re from pregnancy? Well, maybe not the ones in the back, but I’ve never been pregnant, so…

  12. CommentsAtLarge

    “Now darlin’, it’s daddy’s turn, so no wanderin’ off k? Just sit right here and keep daddy from tippin’ over…”

  13. Christ on a cracker

    Doesn’t she know that all paint in her stomach is going to make that child stupid?… Wait, the child is inside her so it already got it in its genes, there’s no way to avoid that!

  14. Why did she paint a multicoloured vagina on her belly? That’s just sick.

  15. @ vj
    This was her inspiration I’m sure.

  16. @ slippyslappy. I am glad that there are still some normal people like you in the world. Usually the lamest thing on lamebook are the comments not the pictures

  17. Bollywood_rocks, the truth is that judging people is awesome, especially when you’re better than them. And so is getting to say, “I told you so, whorebiscuit.”

  18. Holy shit, I posted on the wrong page, FML.

    And thanks for that link HeSaid, my dreams are sure to be pleasant now.

  19. I gotta admit we goon of fortuned it up with the kids chasing the goon bag around, there is photographic evidence but that will stay on my pc thanks and not up on FB for all and sundry to judge. So not the worst parent in the world but also lacking a bit of foresight.

    The first is just gay. And I don’t mean that in a homophobic kinda way I just mean that it’s gay and I think gay people would think it’s gay.

    @ Maggie you suck for being judgemental and completely concieted.

  20. The Easter egg belly just kinda made me have a chuckle, there are so more creative ways you can work with what you’ve got. When I was pregnant… I was about 7 1/2 months around Halloween. I dressed in a house coat, painted a black eye on, carried around a frying pan and had no shoes. Best pregnant costume EVER! I’m sure my son will be pissed when he’s older, knowing I exploited his unborn self, but hey you got to work with what you’ve got!

  21. @Ish – wtf with that first paragraph? My brain is still hiccuping.

    @HeSaidWhat –

    @Maggie – why so much sand in your vagina?

  22. #1 can spent time painting patterns but can’t be bother to retouch the stretch marks. Not just lame, but tasteless…

    #2 couldn’t be more American if he wrapped himself in the flag.
    Budweiser beer, camouflage pants and trucker’s hat with polyester foam front and nylon mesh back – to keep you cool…
    I’m still carefully studding the photo to allocate a rifle, just to complete the image.

  23. These idiotic “glamour” pregnancy photos need to stop. Now. Good lord it seems like every month they get dumber and dumber.

  24. And the next picture was a technicolour alien with rabbit ears spawning from her protruding stomach…..yep…I can see it now.

    Look she’s already manic looking, the alien is coming NOW…OMG RUN AWAY

    Second one….wow….all I gotta say is that father = fucktard

    The end


  26. @IVB, you are welcome!
    I hate how people overreact beyond all get out to some of the things posted on this site. I realize it comes from a lack of sense of humor but Christ on a crutch, people need to get over themselves.

    and for everyone else on here crying about a few stretch marks…take a look at your own fugly-assed body. More women have stretch marks than don’t, and quite a few men too, its like trying to hide freckles.
    I’m willing to bet that I would vomit fetus cookies if I had to see pictures of most of the people who are so gungho to lay down their snide little comments.

  27. Well, there it is. slippyslappy says all you ladies need to post pictures of your titties in order to prove that all the man batter he/she swallowed won’t get yacked up.

  28. I couldn’t care less about the stretch marks. It’s just a lame picture, and most pregnancy pictures are.

    Also, in my experience, the type of women who get pregnancy pictures taken let alone publicly post them are so wrapped up in the glory and importance of their own motherhood that every conversation with them for the next two years will be about how long Junior slept last night, how much more advanced he is than the rest of his playgroup, and what colour poop was in his diaper today.

    I’m sure there is some woman somewhere who got pregnancy pictures done and isn’t a totally self absorbed douchebagguette about her kid, but I haven’t met her.

  29. What is the problem with drinking in front of your kids? Is he beating her? Is she cowaring in a corner afraid of daddy? No. Drinking is not the worst thing in life. Millions of people drink, and to say that just because you have kids you cannot have a bit of fun and drink is just ridiculious.

    For the record, I drink socially and usually have a few beers while watching the race or UFC. You can call me a bad parent or even a drunk, but then you would be wrong…

    That is all.

  30. Doesn’t Michelle know not to put all her eggs in one basket?

  31. I really don’t see much wrong with #2, then again I was raised with a family who drank at parties even with babies and kids around. Its not that wrong, though the didn’t go crazy like this guy, but its still not that wrong.

    #1- lame, but who cares?

  32. I don’t have a problem with parents drinking with their children present. What bugs me about #2 is that this isn’t a relaxed beer or glas of wine or whatever. This is a ton of huge coolers and a beer bong WHILE attached to your kid/any kid.

    And the name of the album in #1 made me wince.

  33. it isn’t the drinking that I find a bit idiot like in #2, it’s the WAY he’s drinking, the kid isn’t a baby, they can see it’s like a hose or something. Drinking a beer/beverage around a pool or around a table, or at a campsite etc. is completely different.

    Not saying drinking is bad…saying the way in which the father is drinking is slightly inappropriate. Then again…I think most of these are American and some Americans are odd little creations.

  34. The Salmon Mousse

    When I read the first one, I thought that the “Incubation of Makayla” was some ancient Mayan ritual. It never even crossed my mind till I read the comments that it was the kids name.

    Poor Kid.


  36. #1 gives me heartburn and diarrhea at the same time
    #2 reminds me of a baby shirt that read: “I cry because Daddy drinks” or something similar.

  37. for #1 I’m torn because yeah women shouldn’t be ashamed to be prego and all that but personally I don’t want to see it. I remember once I was at a restaurant and the waiter was prego and she had a shirt where you could see her belly and it grossed me out. Anyway I am a fan of birth control. She might have done it to be funny but please just show it to your hubby/bf/baby dad and leave it at that!

  38. I feel bad for #1…she was just victim to a bad photographer. I doubt it was even her idea, she probably just went along with it. The photography is even worse then the concept. And get over it people, quit talking shit about stretch marks and pregnant bellies. I’m sure she didn’t mean for her pregnancy pictures to show up on Lamebook for everybody to judge. I’m sure most of you are ugly too with stretch marks on your ass and you haven’t even had a baby yet.

    The problem with number two is the father is excessively drinking while his daughter clings to his leg as if she’s begging for attention. My parents casually drank while I was a child too, but I never watched them beer bong and drink to excess. It’s just tasteless, maybe he’s a great father, but judging by the photo alone he looks like a red neck alcoholic.

  39. hmm.. poor girl and the bad photographer lol…
    though all these other lamebookers saying shes ugly, or complaining of the stretch marks… of course she is going to have some with a baby inside her…shes not ugly, im sure some of you are just trying to make your uglier selves feel better…

  40. incubation? and is she planning to keep the capital letters in the name?

    and the second one is just awful… I’m actually hoping it’s not his kid…

  41. BrideOfValentine

    #1…WHY??!! I’ve had 3 kids and there’s little or no photographic evidence of me ever being pregs, never mind a disaster-shot like this one. Women who do stuff like this are usually unattractive/boring/etc. and being pregs is the first cool thing that’s ever happened to them so they have to beat it like a dead horse. So they post cheesy photos of themselves all over the place hoping people will go “Awwwww” when they’re actually going “OMFG I hope she doesn’t ask me if I liked her photo..”
    #2 – Dude, I’m not gonna judge, but WHY post this photo on FB??!

  42. It’s okay Zoo, I get that a lot.

    I guess I should of marked it NSFW.

  43. word…

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  44. .

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