Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parental Problems

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  1. littleredcorvette

    The kid in that last picture thinks their parent is an idiot, and they’re right.

  2. Seriously? Where is Child Protective Services when these things happen? These children should be be taken away from their parents…

  3. The first one is very heartwarming. I would have liked to seen the mother’s response though.

  4. Lissieissocool

    Philly, cps can’t take your kids because you gave them fake tattoos or made them a juicy juicy “beer” bong. Why? because although lame, it is not illegal. They are dealing with real cases where children get abused or live in filth. My daughter picked up her uncles mixed drink once and took a sip by accident!!! Take her away, oh no! We should all be perfect parents who never let our children do anything!!! Wrap them in bubble wrap and lock them away from the big bad world!!!! Seriously? Get a grip, I’ve seen some bad parenting on lamebook but other than the idiot in the first post nothing done was illegal, stupid, but not “call cps!!!” worthy.

  5. Is this site morphing into sandyvaginas.com?

    Fuck me static.

  6. I like that. Fuck me static
    I should compile a list of all the phantasmagoric shit you say and start using it. I want to be you.

  7. Minus the sheep thing

  8. Sheep are sooo yesterday, goats are where it’s at baby.

  9. rocknrollnicole

    The last one isn’t really that bad at all. I mean they sell those stupid temporary tattoos in vending machines right next to the gumballs and fake mustaches.

  10. Billy is like Billy from “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mands”

  11. Mandy*

  12. Okay yeah have a joke with your family and friends, dressing up the baby or making he/she do funny things like drink (what I assume is water) through a beer bong or give them a flatpeak but put it on facebook..? Really?!

  13. When your boy is old enough to have pubes, he is too old for you to bathe him, you perve

  14. Mindy Marie.

  15. ^ Ha..lamebook fail..again. They need to fire whoever has the job of blurring names and faces.

  16. rebelicious?

  17. laugh.out.loud

    Wow Lizzie, calm down, take a xanax.

  18. Wow, parenting is too hard for people to grasp

  19. Is that last one even temporary tattoos? It looks like straight up Sharpie.

    I think if Billy’s mom had been less supportive and whooped his ass a bit more, he wouldn’t be such a hard case.

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