Monday, July 25, 2011


Are you attending? RSVP here!

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  1. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I laughed so hard, I just broke my Sphincter. First by the way.

  2. From Facebook’s own terms..

    4. Registration and Account Security

    5. You will not use Facebook if you are under 13.

    And she’s not even eleven yet. I blame the parents 😉

    Classically funny, but some of the comments are well out of order if she really is that young.

  3. ^fuck the rules dawg. I’m attending,ill bring the beer and weed.

  4. @yodawg LMAO

  5. Bullshit…since when do we say ‘candy’???

  6. @laluna : depends on who “we” are 🙂

  7. Doesn’t anyone else think this is so obviously fake!? The attempts at spelling mistakes are cringe worthy. Plus..what kid still listens to Britney Spears CDs?

    If she is 11 years old then Lamebook just posted her full name and location. Well done guys!

  8. This is a mock up.
    NO-ONE swims in the middle of winter in Melbourne, Australia unless they are at a public heated pool.
    Swimming Suit is an american term, just like candy.

  9. Another point to add: While it may be summer holidays in the USA, Australia is in the middle of winter and 11 year olds are still at school at 2pm on Wednesdays.
    The 2 week break between terms has also just ended, making August 10 week 3 or 4 of the current school term.

  10. Sorry eight, i meant aussies lol

  11. Did anyone notice that 58,000 people are attending? Obviously fake.

  12. About 40,000 of them are bringing their goats too!

  13. vaginalroundhouse

    Did anyone notice Ariel has sea horses coming out of her butt?

  14. There is no such stree, according to google map (the event is still on FB)…

    Obviously fake…

  15. Don’t they say lollies, anyway? That may just be NZ, I suppose.

    Open commenting gone, eh?

  16. its up to 60,000+ ppl attending now…fuck yea im taking my noz tank 😀

  17. Yeah, very fake. As other users have said I live in Melbourne and we don’t say ‘candy’ or ‘swimming suit’ and we don’t have school holidays in August and it’s WAYYYY too cold to swim at the mo.

    Also, if you click on the user she is clearly not an eleven year old girl, but someone who is a big fan of Amy Winehouse and passing out after birthday parties…

  18. @ #17 no shit but who gives a fuck, I found it funny and thats all that matters.

  19. Well yes, obviously we don’t say ‘swimming suit’ or ‘candy,’ but the detective work is pointless. I KNOW it’s fake because the address is nonsense. The street doesn’t exist, and nobody writes ‘Melbourne, Australia’ in their address. The address she gives would be meaningless even if it wasn’t imaginary.

  20. Wait a minute… people had to do detective work to figure this out?

    My world is doomed.

  21. Okay, now I’m curious: what DO Australians say instead of “swimming suit” and “candy?”

  22. Cozzie is a swimsuit, lollies are candies.

  23. and Sazza is Sarah

  24. @ meaella, it depends on where in Australia you are. Candy is ‘lollies’, and ‘swimming suit’ is variously bathers, togs, swimmers, or cozzies, depending on location. In Melbourne, the apparent location of the party, we normally call them bathers.

  25. It’s fake. Search her on Facebook. She’s not 11.

  26. Oh and no kid in Melbourne would write their address “Melbourne, Australia” They’d write the suburb and if they felt the need to extend the address, it would be Victoria and a Postcode. e.g. 206 Barkley St, St Kilda, VIC 3182. Unless they lived in the CBD, but i seriously doubt that.

  27. americans dont say swimming suit, I’ve literally never heard those words, and if I had heard them uttered it would likely be by an immigrant who uses English as their second language. Americans say bathingsuit, swimsuit, trunks, or suit. but NEVER swimming suit

  28. ummmm….I’ve been an American all my life. And almost all of my friends have been Americans all their life too. And we’ve said “Swimming Suit” plenty of times….and we’ve also said “swimsuit”, “bathing suit”, “trunks” and “suit”…but certainly we’ve said “swimming suit” (mostly when I was a kid in the late 70’s and early 80’s but we definitly said it)

    So maybe you don’t say it in your part of America but there are lots of places in America that do say it.

    And not that anyone is asking but we also say “soda” and “bubbler”.

    I RSVPd, and went back. Someone just wanted their “opposite day” event to get big.
    That’s even lamer.

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