Monday, May 13, 2013

Paying Back the Prick

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  1. Abraham Lincoln

    4,621 likes = fake.

  2. Finally, an original post!

    /sarcasm off

  3. I drive a taxi at night – that’s actually very mild when compared to what I would do if someone ran off without paying.

    Girlfriend also drives a taxi. Male passengers sleaze on to her all the time. One such person left his iPhone in the car.

    He subsequently posted on his Facebook page something like, “Had my first ever homosexual encounter at a train station tonight. I normally only do these things at Frank or Gerome’s house, but tonight I was drunk and wanting. It was damn good. Hope he calls me so that we can do it again on the weekend”

    The responses from his friends were amusing…

    And yes, his iPhone was ultimately returned.

  4. ^depending on when that happened, his friends probably didn’t believe it, regardless of what their posts said. at the time when social networking first got big, it might’ve flown a lot better. nowadays, you can’t lay it on that thick or no one is really going to believe it.

  5. If it is true, then the taxi driver was pretty tame about it.

  6. If it is true, then the taxi driver was pretty tame about it. Isn’t is protocol to post something along the lines of, “I have explosive diarrhoea. Oh and give me my money.”

  7. What I got from Phildo’s post..

    My girlfriend and I are both immature, homophobic and lack imagination.

  8. #7 I was thinking the same thing. Besides what if the dude loves cock and now gets way more due to that post. That could backfire easily.

  9. ssssoooo uuuuhhh..if it is a “lovely chick”…y the fuck did she say “pay back the money I owe him?!”

  10. ^ The cabbie didn’t say he was a woman, just that he was attractive and lovely.

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