Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paying the Price

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  1. LMAO, indeed! What an idiot. Not that he searched for ways to get his lady off for longer (a noble pursuit), but that he forgot to backspace, or that he didn’t just post a link on his wall.

    Also, Ben.

  2. Noble pursuit indeed.

  3. *goes to google for a few mins*

  4. It’s a shame he’s searching on google rather than asking the advice of his facebook friends.

  5. Fail! I bet he checked to make sure that his tabs were “cool” but forgot to check the toolbar muahahaha

    Oh and curlybap ftw hehe

  6. lol another retard.

  7. Also: How many fucking toolbars do you need, Pryce?

    This wouldn’t happen with Chrome. The address bar is also the search bar.

  8. …Who the hell uses Internet Explorer these days? I mostly use Chrome. And sometimes Opera. Occasionally Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 too.

  9. IE sucks complete balls. Now, as for the post, I don’t get it. :<

  10. @Keona – Read the text in the Google toolbar 🙂

  11. I think it’s not AS lame, but still super lame to have a desktop shot of a fucking nike shoe. You don’t even own it…or a pair of them for that matter.

  12. @milhouse Thanks. I should have looked more closely. I don’t think it’s lame to Google that. it indeed is noble to take initiative on how to please your lady better. But, fucking a man, make sure to backspace when you’re done.

  13. This is GREAT. This is what lamebook was made for.

  14. Hey, I can´t read what does it says in the label. Besides don´t know what kind of show is 106 & park either. So, I´ll be grateful if anyone could explain me the joke in time and context.

  15. Fake, totally fake. Something like this happened a while ago and now all the cool kids think it’s funny to ‘out’ themselves via this method.

    It’s the new ‘take photos of stuff you want to sell on ebay with a reflection of your cock in it’

  16. It reads “How to last longer during sex” on the left search bar. But curlybap is right, he copped out. Shoulda asked his FB friends…though this could be his subtle way?

  17. Hey DukeGuy … where can I find some of those photos? haha 😉

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “Internet Explorer (n.) : A common Windows O.S tool that enables a user with a new computer to go online and download Mozilla Firefox which is a web browser.”

  19. I like that shoe.

  20. @4 Fucking great one.

    To be fair, maybe he was Googling what he Googled to help out one of his Facebook friends.

  21. @4, 16
    I respectfully disagree, I’ve learned everything I Know about Everything from google and you can all see how succesful I am right? On a related note, I just learned that George Washington was the first man to walk on the moon, thanks to a wise man from Indiana.

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