Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Perfectly Dumb

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  1. Or perhaps the ‘female’ refers to the gender of the person having the ultrasound – ie the mother…so not dumb at all

  2. Not counting the bumder and prefect issue of course

  3. Not sure which is the fail here, the fact that some dumbass submitted this, or that lamebook actually posted it.

    The gender is referring to the patient, as is the date of birth. I doubt this fetus was born in 1993

  4. I’ve seen that picture before. It’s from the moon-landing.

  5. This ignorance hurts my brain

    That’s the gender of the person getting the ultrasound

    I know this because it’s part of my job

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  7. TECstatINC, are you the neighbor’s sister who makes $82 hourly on the computer?

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