Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pew Pew Pew

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  1. Cool story bro

  2. Racist!

  3. What does the beginning of the Great Depression have to do with this person not getting paid yesterday?

  4. You have to go out there and check your facts; unless, coming off as an ignant is what you’re after. Turrible, turrible, turrible.

  5. Wow — it didn’t even occur to me that “Black Monday” referred to MLK Day. It’s funny how racism pervades peoples’ language. I once heard someone talk about “jew-ing” someone down on a price. I’m sure she didn’t even think the term she was using was incredibly offensive; she just thought about it as something her backwoods friends like to say.

  6. I’m confused. Do white people get paid on a different day to everyone else?

  7. ^yes, because they have jobs.

  8. ^did you even read the OP?

  9. Irrelevant. My humourous quip was related to your comment(which was pretty smart btw).

  10. I love national holidays. I get paid time and a half if I’m scheduled to work that day, plus an additional 8 hours of holiday pay (which I get even if I don’t work that day). Also, if the holiday falls on what would normally be my payday, I get paid a day early.

    The company I work for is pretty awesome. 🙂

  11. Owned on facebook! Hard to argue against ‘I’m a hopeless loser on benefits with a deranged sense of entitlement bred from 6 generations of losers’

  12. Having spent a couple months on Unemployment benefits, you apply for benefits on Monday and receive benefits on Wednesday. So that doesn’t explain his argument. If you are government employed, you get the paid the 1st and the 15th, except on holidays when you get paid the day prior or the Friday before. You can also get paid every Friday, excluding Holidays, or the first and third Thursday. Since most of the TLDR group have stopped reading this, someone should comment a good mobile porn site for Droids so I don’t look like the freak.

  13. Jessi do you need to lick a window?

  14. Turrible, you aint that terrible!

  15. I was gonna decorate for black history month… but I wasn’t sure what to hang….

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