Thursday, August 4, 2011


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  1. Cheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrsssss for the lame.

  2. I dont get it… what’s roster?

  3. @belle: A roster’s a schedule. Not that hard to figure out, given the context.

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  5. Oh, no, fucking ParsonsJon, REALLY? Where did you get such AWESOME retail prices?

  6. I think ParsonsJon got one of those emails from Nigeria.

  7. What the fuck is “PHIRED” supposed to mean? The title makes no fucking sense.

  8. Dawn of the Dan

    “Fired by Padma,” maybe, lexluther?
    I don’t get it either.

  9. @lexluther: The only way I can make sense of the title is “fired over the phone” = “phired.”

  10. What? How is this funny at all?

  11. I don’t get this post….. 🙁

  12. How come “Jack” suddenly told his friend to suck a dick, even though he seemed to care about his friend in his previous comments? Maybe he’s just a jerk… maybe I just expected a better punchline.

  13. Yeah, must be a slow day. :/

  14. Yeah, must be a slow day at the lamebook office. :/

  15. Is the joke that Jordan works with someone named Kirby? Cos that’s pretty funny.

  16. The joke is, this is lamebook, not funnybook. I would say this post is lame.

    Lame things don’t necessarily have to be funny, for some reason people think they always have to. :/

  17. +1 and 2 “likes” for you Elvish.

  18. I can only assume Jordan is Jack’s girlfriend…

  19. I believe the dick sucking bit was advice for getting the job back.

  20. I imagine Jordan ‘liked’ Kirby’s comment but that was lost in translation. Fail. Not even funny if that was the case.

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  22. Go fuck yourself spammer. I truly hope you die in a fire you fucking lowlife.

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