Monday, August 13, 2012

Pho Ya!

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  1. I once tried to have sex with a dead girl, turned out that she was just sleeping boy was that awkward.

  2. pho ya???

    ABsolute FAIL

  3. Wow, what a great way to start the week: with three scourges of civilization.
    And a happy fuck you to all of you.

  4. This kind of post was posted only a week or so ago. Fake.

  5. Bruce Vilanch, you cutup!

  6. I wonder if dead women can give me a hausufada.

  7. That’s my Grandma.

  8. Is she saying she wants someone to kill her, and THEN have sex with her?

  9. lurker.mclurksalot

    Pretty sure that fatass in the last picture is my sister.

  10. Not sure that last picture is a woman.

  11. ^I’m with nails. those horrific denim abortions are dude-shorts.

  12. ^or cut-off fat jeans wif da ‘lastic band!

  13. @1 You had sex with a sleeping boy?

  14. Wow, a drunk child. Stay classy America :\

  15. ^it’s not so much the pseudo-drunk child, it’s more the fucked-up caption on the little white-trash spawn’s hat that did it for me.
    what kind of shitty human even owns a fucking hat like that?

  16. ^ Agree. I fucking hate when asshats put their little kids in shit like that. Scumbags – the whole lot of them.

  17. Unfortunately, this sort of attire sells well in my part of ‘merica. The dipshit hats and t-shirts serve a dual purpose. 1)The mating plumage of the lonely and sexless. 2) Covers the lobotomy/gastric bypass scars.

  18. You know I would put $100 on that the chick in the last photo is Anne

  19. ^ I’ll take that bet. The woman in the picture is in an Apple Store.

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