Thursday, June 10, 2010


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  1. STEVER!

  2. RIP Richard Dunn. Plibt.


  4. And no one is going to start saying “Stever” instead of “Ben”.

  5. And tikitommy, I want to be friends. Taargus Taargus.

  6. And how about not saying “Ben” either? How about saying something meaningful about the Lamebook posts instead of just blurting out “Ben”, “First” or some other horseshit just to gloat that you’re first. Is this fucking middle school?


  8. Alright, name-calling (literally) aside… Can somebody specify why the second photo is supposed to be funny? I figure it might be that thing by the girl’s shoe, but I’m not sure what that thing is, so I can’t be sure. I’m kind of distracted by the ass on the chick in the middle – that can’t be real, can it?

  9. Isn’t that how Ben started in the first place?

  10. three = triplets not twins

  11. I take it back. I just read the comment below. Okay, got it now… Muhbadd.

  12. fuckmustard: Saying “Ben” indeed got started because Ben got so furious about people saying “first”. Which is why it is so hilarious that tofu just flipped the fuck out.

    Maybe we should start saying tofu instead….


  13. *GASP!* Maybe tofu IS Ben…..

    *mind blown*

  14. Tofu doesn’t have the same ring as Ben.

  15. fuckmustard, I love your name.

  16. Thank you. 🙂

  17. robotninjazombiebear

    i think her ass is real. i know a girl, thin but huge bubble butt. but i like these posts better the the few previous. the baby daddy one made me lol.

  18. Whether or not he/she is Ben, throwingtofu is most definitely Frodo.

  19. @throwingtofu:

    After having an uncontrollable chuckling fit due to your previous egg-beater-themed post on another thread, I formally retract my Frodo declaration. You must have a pool.

  20. CommentsAtLarge

    A plane? I have a feeling that is Mr. Clowny’s way of making up for hating his life, passing out cock balloon animals and passing them off as something else.


    I was trying to figure out what the thing on the floor was too.

  21. A penis? No! It’s a plane, I can see it. Zooooom…

    OK, someone take my wine away, I’m finding stupid shit funny.

  22. releasethehounds

    All clowns are evil……..they’d eat you alive and everyone you care about.

  23. I bet there are some women who would actually use that balloon for their own pleasure.

    Something tells me you’ve done wild things when you’re drunk, ee.

  24. maybe it’s because they’re “too cute” – cof,cof – that baby daddy went all the way with both, will think about that catherine…
    But then again, maybe it’s one of those situations where they’re both “too cute” to be in the same place at the same time or, in they’re case, in the same cock?

  25. *will you

  26. Jesus all of you. Settle the fuck down with the first, Ben, Frodo shit already. Its so old it fossilized.

    Bubble butts and penis balloons aside, why the hell ARE those two friends when she fucked the baby daddy?

  27. Xepher, me? Never! I’m a good girl, through and through.

  28. Who is this Ben, ya dingus?

  29. A plane seems like a bit much to demand a clown to make out of balloons. What were they expecting? You can’t og up and ask for a fucking balloon wheelchair and then get all annoyed that it’s shaped like a penis.

    …although that’d probably reflect worse on the clown.

    At first I thought Sarah’s comment was THE stupidest thing I’ve ever read, but as I re-read it it went down to merely a bit stupid, so well done Sarah.

    As nosy as it is, I’d’ve kind’ve liked to see more comments on that third one, like from the two in the picture…

  30. Well, the clown got the cockpit right..

  31. Here I sit, wondering why I haven’t seen a good side-boob in a while? lamebooke? I need more side-boob! It never goes unappreciated.

  32. 3: Also, she’s wearing a Green Day shirt.

  33. canadianinthehizzouse

    Am I the only one that noticed that the “twins” are drinking milk… I dunno with those outfits it just seems off… Unless there’s a type of alcohol that looks like milk that I don’t know about but in that case I need to pick up a case of that no more sneaking around alcohol for me 🙂

  34. @canadianinthehizzouse

    There are many drinks containing milk, and a lot of them look just like milk.

  35. tikitommy… I love all of your taeasgj references. And I explained Ben in comment #12. Kinda. Ben got pissed at people saying “first” so we started saying “Ben” in lou.

  36. Theese people do know there’s a ‘delete’ button next to comments, right?

  37. pedo clown 🙁

  38. lol

  39. lol @ the comments more than the posts again 🙂

  40. Don’t hire this clown at your kids birthday parties….sick bastard

  41. This entry makes me feel like a dirty old man lusting over those soft, smooth, lucious, young, sexual, squeezable baloons sitting there looking so innocent in the back seat of that car.

  42. Imagine throwing sh*t like that, Catherine must be pretty _____? a)angry b)thoughtless c)lonely d)crazy

  43. @pinkhobo: e) all of the above

  44. lol at catherine. She makes a very good point.

  45. @ the 3rd picture
    everyone needs a FREE babysitter..
    come on now..
    even if her “friend” did bang the baby daddys.

    or maybe she feels like a piece or shit
    and spoils the baby..
    they both look 16.. unless she is on
    mtvs 16 & pregnant shes going to need
    all the help she can get.
    just saying.

  46. Yeah Kiri, that is just messed up.

  47. I feel as though no one ever told Sarah she was as gifted as she really is. Poor thing.

  48. and here i was thinking she was referring to how all asians look alike.

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