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  1. Gah neonazis, I have one for a neighbor. Luckily he is busier being drunk off his ass than spreading the hate. Online neonazis are a weird bunch, it’s like they have a need to feel persecuted. “I can’t use a symbol of hate and inhumanity without everyone being mean to me but I don’t care anyway bawwah”, seriously…

  2. I think that on the brownie one it’s $1.95 a brownie but the cash machine or shop people wiill only accept $5 minimum…probably.

    #1: Can’t see why people would encourage this stuff
    #3: Don’t get it
    #4: Tut tut, shame on her

  3. Hmph. I, for one, grew up in Georgia as a MUSLIM and being half-white (with a very southern family on my father’s side.) No one has ever done anything racist to me in my life, nor at my religion (maybe because I don’t look stereotypically Muslim…)

    That is all.

  4. Alright, I may have exaggerated — I can understand you, but your spelling is atrocious.

  5. @I am not here

    Your very ignorant aren’t you?
    I was homeschooled and I turned out just fine, turd.
    Sorry if my family didn’t want me to go to the public schools in my city where the drop-out rate is 50% and i’ll get beat up just because of my race.
    FYI, not everyone who homeschool’s are racist hicks. Your no better than the girl in the picture if you stereotype people like that!

    Anyway, about the last picture: What a stupid and narrowminded person.

  6. 1: Hahahahha. Poor kid. His parents are so encouraging of him reaching his goals.
    2: Special Brownies. Whatever, not funny.
    3: STOOL BUS!
    Come on. It’s the funniest thing ON this post.
    4: What a bitch. I hope something absolutely awful happens to her because of that.

  7. cunninglinguist

    I want to meet Savannah, just so I can compliment her on her multicultural tattoo that blends the Dharma symbol of Buddhism with a heraldic image from the seal of Hellenistic Egypt.

    Of course, that assumes that Savannah, who obviously has trouble counting past 3, understands the words “heraldic,” “Hellenistic,” “multicultural,” and perhaps even “the.”

    @hollymar – Very well-said. I live in Alabama, and while I hate it for the most part, I do enjoy the racial diversity. Yes, there are racial tensions in the Southeastern U.S., just like anywhere else, but I have seen more racism in other parts of the country than I see in my heart-of-Dixie home state.

  8. cunninglinguist

    while I hate it for the most part – Ah, yes, the fabulous Unclear Pronoun Syndrome. Just to clarify, I hate Alabama, not racial diversity.

  9. @EmpireAnts
    Please look up the distinction between “you’re” and “your.” You used it incorrectly twice in that post. Also, “I” is always capitalized, even when part of the contraction “I’ll” and in the middle of a sentence. “Homeschool’s” is read as “homeschool is,” making the sentence you wrote read as “not everyone who homeschool is are racist hicks…”

    Last but not least, stereotyping people based on their social upbringing or their horrid grammar is one thing(Savannah made similar mistakes to you in her post, if you didn’t notice, but then again, you’ve demonstrated that you’re too ignorant and defensive to see that alternative). WANTING TO FUCKING SLAUGHTER ENTIRE RACES OF PEOPLE UNTIL ONLY PEOPLE FROM YOUR “MASTER RACE” ARE LEFT ON THE PLANET is an entirely different animal.

    But it seems clear that you never learned the distinction between the two.

  10. @yoink
    I couldn’t make sense of that post earlier, but now I get it.

    There are lots of diseases of the mind – depression, schizophrenia, and so on – and not all of them “kill ya.” It’s a disease of the mind because it involves taking a natural instinct (protection of the species through protection of one’s own small group) and twisting it into something dangerous (protection of one’s own nation, and survival of it at all costs, even if those costs involve destruction of the species in all other nations).

  11. wow, yoink and ‘i am not here’ in the same post.

    did i just feel hadrons collide?

    now we just need ben, she who shall not be named, and JoeAckney to get in on the act.

    popcorn, anyone?

  12. Re: Yoink – please don’t feed the troll.

  13. If she’s so proud of being white, show it. Get that tat on her forehead!

  14. iyaa – I converted to Islam when I lived in GA. Nobody gave me any grief whatsoever, and I DID wear hijab. I got a LOT of flak in Idaho. So yeah.

    Master Prop – no offense taken. I have seen racism in GA, I was simply saying it was worse in the Northwest and therefore people shouldn’t give people in the South a hard time. So agreed.

    @Comments: this is true. How about we amend it to “large groups of people who are not at all diverse suck”? There can’t be a mob without groupthink, and that usually comes from the “us v. them” attitude. I think if there were actually more minorities where I lived before, racism may not have been a problem. But when you have a large community of all white, all black, all WHATEVER and then you introduce a variable, people freak and are either hostile or so nice it’s patronising, insulting, and proves that they don’t REALLY look at you as a human being, or worse, they pity you.

  15. yoink is one of two things, not serious or deaf. I have a hard time believing that he can read what everyone says and continues to post the way that he does. He is funny as hell though, and I have fun trying to decipher his posts 🙂

  16. hollymar, as a hijab-wearing muslim, and therefore also necessarily a strict moralist (stay with me here, i’m not going to generalise at all), what do you get from this site? you must find it largely offensive, and not funny… perhaps a reminder of how sinful the human race is and how everyone’s going to burn?

    i know you’re not a proselytiser, but i also thought that about elixabeth. don’t understand how you can enjoy this site, unless it’s with an aggrandised form of the smugness the spelling and grammar nazis on here do!

    i thought lamebook was for the godless!!

  17. CommentsAtLarge

    Nah, not godless – we worship the Golden Flapjack God of IHOP.

  18. Loving the anomaly of having a swastika underneath what appears to be a breast cancer ribbon. Rather like the love heart following his declaration of FUCKOFF!
    Although I think possibly my favourite part is “yes I’m a racist”
    Such refreshing honesty. :S

  19. Oh shit that’s a girl!
    My bad!

  20. Savannah is shaming our name 🙁

  21. I would love to see Savannah wear a halter top and DARE to show her dumb ass in my place. She wouldn’t survive the beating…

  22. @90 “Just remember: To hate [Savannah] for how she is makes you no better than her.”
    No it doesn’t.

  23. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Would a hypothetical self-hating Neo-Nazi be ok?

  24. What’s so lame about the last one? Okay, so she’s racist and conceited. So are a lot of people. And as she says, she’s entitled to an opinion. Eh, lamebook, eh.
    Also, can someone explain to me the brownies? Sorry if it’s been said already, I can’t be bothered reading 120 comments.

    So sorry lamebook, it’s a thumbs-down from me.
    #1 is too samey,
    #2 doesn’t make sense (at least at first),
    #3 has nothing to do with facebook except for the fact that it’s been uploaded, and
    #4 is only going to spark debate.

    How about considering some of my submissions for a change? *glares*

  25. At least Savannah told us to FUCKOFF with love.

  26. Yes, the little heart at the end makes everything okay.

  27. Getting a [badly done] swastika tattoo because you’re proud to be white is like getting a Lorena Bobbitt tattoo because you’re proud to be female.

  28. @tojeem — “Special Brownies.” Pot brownies. Not really very funny.

  29. @zydrate13
    Maybe that’s cause American History X is about how Derek realizes how stupid his previous actions were and how he tries to get out of the rut. And how he’s preventing his brother to go down the same road.
    Savannah should see that movie.
    Or they could just toss her into jail so that she can be taught the hard way like Derek was, that would be totally fine too. Could do her good.

  30. Okay, it seems you guys need a lesson in equality. Guess what? You are not the only ones who are allowed to have an opinion. And other people’s opinions may not agree with yours! shocking, I know. Also, she is not hurting anybody or saying anything negative about anyone (and yet you feel free to call her names, good job with that). Thirdly, rednecks = nazis is a stereotype, much like black people = gangsters. Huh.

    heehee, stool bus.

  31. @genericuser, as much as I agree with you that stereotypes are wrong, having a swastika tattooed on your body is nothing to do with being proud about being white. It’s plainly disgusting.
    She clearly needs a lesson in history. People like her make me sick.
    I once had a guy come into the bar I work in with a swastika tattooed across his head. It’s just a blatant way of causing controversy and so was Lamebook posting Savannah’s picture.

  32. @”hollymar”, “masterprop” and “I am not here” (sorry if I’m getting any names wrong)
    Thank you for proper answers, and not just trolling like “yoink”. 🙂
    I guess I’ve never been in a situation where I had any reason to hate someone that much (like people that have had their family or friends murdered or hurt by racists/nazis), so I can’t really be preaching how I love my enemies, since I have none. But I am still never in favor of any person hating other people, and I don’t think ANYONE should be killed. Of course people like Savannah is a couple of cards short of a full deck, but as long as she is not hurting anyone I think it’s better to either ignore her or laugh at her ignorance. In the end, she is the one who is going to suffer the most because of it.
    I think people should be a little more careful when expressing hate and threats on the internet, and that goes for both Savannah and the people commenting. It’s not “for real”, but it’s still dangerous to encourage that kind of behavior, it seems like it’s getting harder and harder for people to draw the line between their actions on the internet and IRL.

  33. ^^^^He’s smart. Listen to his insight. “Pytt” is very wise. (no sarcasm, I’m being serious)

  34. I really hope when she visits German, to maybe show to her friends HOW PROUD SHE IS, she’ll be wearing a tank top so she can get her freaking racist ass arrested :3

  35. Hiijole_Chingada

    gee’z that mother must be so proud “practicing for later in life?” that’s so sad haha

  36. Hiijole_Chingada

    Savanah burn in hell you nasty piece of shit!

  37. The thing about Savannah’s that’s funny isn’t the tattoo, you guys, it’s her counting. 1, 2, 3, 3… um….

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