Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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  1. #2. Look out, it’s the filth.
    you can tell the short bald one is a dirty cop.

  2. kumho.

    lame o

  3. I smell bacon.

  4. Does that ninja have a dick?

  5. Which one is the pig???

  6. Yeah chuco, that’s a dick.. Growing out of his hip. Ninjas are bad ass.

  7. The lamebook ads are more interesting (Her Insane Body!!). Then you click on the ads, sadness.

  8. Ninjas are overrated.

  9. The first post is boring, the first poster is boring. Yawn.

    I really looked hard into the second post to see if there was anything to surpass the obvious, I was left rather disappointed. This must be how Ben feels.

  10. #8, yesss finally someone says it

  11. MsAnne just went for the obvious joke again and noone acknowledged it. You were right, I am embarrassed, but for you and your lack of a life outside of Lamebook. Society has failed you. However, I salute you for soldiering on like the trooper you are, well in little fella!

  12. You know that you’re addressing the fake, don’t you, lovelips? What happened to you? You never used to be so… crusty.

    It’s been pointed out more than once how to work out who’s who. As for going through it again, I can’t be fucked. But simply looking at what that numbskull #9 writes should be enough.

  13. ^ So weird…

  14. @ #12…have you ever heard of the Chinese water torture? fuck knows if it’s true or not, but they let a single drop of water repeatedly hit your forehead. At first it is just a minor discomfort, something you can disregard. But unrelentingly, over the course of a few days it becomes one of the most effective, severe torture methods known. MsAnne, with their insecurities and shrivelled up, unused prick, is the same shit. Just less intelligent.

  15. crusty, EVERYONE’s jokes/puns are usually ignored, you weirdo. Of the 10 comments prior to your “burn”, only #4 and #8 were remarked upon. Why don’t you just give up the water torture if it makes you so manic?

    wordpervert, I can tell the difference between you and the fake wordpervert (now), however I think #1 was the real MsAnneThrope. What’s your method for distinguishing the two? (Sorry, I must have missed the tutorials).

  16. That perfect score was not even on the same assignment

  17. keep trying, crusto, you stupid wanker.

  18. Bac, I thought crusty was talking to the fake word about Ms. No? I was talking about the fake me, not a fake Ms. I don’t think the person who wrote the first comment is a fake Ms at all. Who else is confused?

  19. Argh, my brain hurts.

    One thing I’ve noticed, crusty really only speaks to MsAnne these days, so I don’t think he was addressing fake word at all…

  20. Woot fucking woot. I nailed that bold bitch.

  21. ‘speaks’? crusty ‘speaks’ to me? is that what you call it?

  22. Does the second one relate to the Zanesville Ohio animal escapee thing?

  23. Well, it’s a close enough approximation… He gets points for effort, even if it is getting ridiculously tedious.

  24. My above comment is in response to #21. I have no idea about “current affairs” that involve escaped animals.

  25. No BlargBurger, I think it’s just ‘Bring your daughter to work day’ down at the Department of Policery..
    and Bacchante, that Zanesville thing was horrible. It was a fucking slaughter, much like watching crusty implode. (except horrific, not hilarious).

  26. Ah, click. That was the one where the owner of the zoo released them before killing himself? Yeah, that was all shades of fucked up.

    In that case, I doubt the piggy one is related to Zanesville. Pigs are not exactly exotic, are they?

  27. no. no matter how much they claim they are ‘reclaiming their femininity’ by attending a belly-dancing workshop.

  28. You guys are so fucking delusional. Just because msanne made a very retarded joke. You all claim its a fake ? Take a look at your pathetic lives and ask yourself ‘did my daddy love me enough’

  29. ^the answer is pretty obvious that yours couldn’t have. and no one else ever will, either.
    Everything you say is a fuckawful attempt at communication..

  30. WHOA WHOA FUCKING WHOA. I ain’t saying everyone’s attempts should be fucking acknowledged – but some are. I’m fairly sure MsAnne dies a little inside when so few of her bullshit comments are brought into the light. I bet he’s fisting himself as I type this ‘cos someone even brought up their shit joke to start with, even if it was a criticism.

    ^^MsAnne uses “fuck” as a prefix for the millionth time.

  31. ^^awww poor widdle crusty.
    do another flounce, crusto… do another flounce!

  32. ^Reference to a fish out of water, another joke not though up by MsAnne. I’m guessing it’s really rewarding piggybacking other people’s jokes.

  33. ^shut up. you’re wrong and stupid. so very, very stupid.
    too stupid for words, really.

  34. so, in summation, pretty damn stupid.

  35. Didn’t really make me laugh, but sounded much more honest, like it really came from you and wasn’t just kinda…plucked out of someone else’s joke. Y’know…childish.

  36. you always were my most ardent of followers, crusto. you should show me more respect, worm.

  37. Is it possible to show gratitude without respect? P.s. when did you first decide you’d steal a username rather that think up your own?

  38. You have no idea.

  39. Well…clearly, that’s why I fucking asked :S

  40. totally clueless.

  41. Gotta give Sky credit for scoring 100% on a 400-level Chem exam. That ain’t easy.

    Tho’ he kinda ruined it with the “like a boss” comment…

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