Monday, April 30, 2012


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  1. God I hope #1 is taking the piss.

  2. Did anyone hear the one about the teenager in London who got a Chinese letter tattoo a few years back? He thought he was getting “Love, Honour, Obey” and found out later at a Chinese restaurant that he had ended up with “At the end of the day, this is an ugly boy.” No joke.

  3. ColostomyExplosion

    Just asked my Taiwanese girlfriend… His tattoo is a form of Kung-Fu, so him saying it’s from a food container is a joke.

  4. Saying your hand talks to you now is a bit of a stretch, there, C.E.

  5. Talk to the hand.

  6. CE is actually right. 咏春拳 (simplified; 詠春拳 is traditional, which is what the guy got tattooed) means Wing Chun, which is a Southern martial art.

    Still a weird tattoo for someone to get. It’s the equivalent of someone in the Western world getting “boxing” or “soccer” tattooed on their arm.

  7. People with tattoos are cunts.. Except Popeye, he was ok.

    ‘Oooh look at my chinese tattoo, aren’t I cool and edgy?’

    No, You’re a cunt.

  8. PraetorianXVIII

    People who think people get tattoos to look “cool and edgy” are cunts

  9. My point exactly… Which is why Popeye is ok.

  10. Third one is just wrong. As was that movie.

  11. This guy got lucky with his tattoo. It is a form of martial arts, Wing Chun. This was the form that Bruce Lee was taught and used in his movies. It is not the same as a tattoo saying “soccer”, it is more like getting a tattoo of your favorite soccer team. There are many forms of kungfu, karate, judo, etc. While this guy is not necessarily personally supporting this form of kungfu, it is still better than a tattoo of “at the end of the day, this is an ugly boy”. Like I said, he got lucky.

    On another note, I don’t think that having a “chinese” tattoo makes you a cunt. You are just acting jealous and ignorant. While many people do go into getting a tattoo like that to be “edgy”, there are a lot of people who get chinese tattoo because it symbolizes something. I have a tattoo with the chinese symbols for love, peace, strength, and self-confidence in it. I did not get them to be edgy, I got them because they symbolize not only the traits that I want to embody, but it also celebrates my passion for Asian cultures. Please refrain from spouting ignorant bs on here. I just shows how shallow you are.

  12. slicingupeyeballs

    So why didn’t you get tattoos that said “love, peace, strength and self confidence” in english…?

    Because you are an attention seeking tosser who wants people to ask you what they mean, so you can impress them with your cultural knowledge and faux spirituality.

    Because of this (unless you are in fact Chinese) you are indeed a cunt…

  13. #11…”wank wank, waffle, waffle…Please refrain from spouting ignorant bs on here…!!!”

    please. refrain. from. spouting. ignorant. bullshit. on. lamebook.

  14. slicingupeyeballs

    So Wing Chun is a martial art you say, and this bloke may be a fan/proponent…?

    Would it be acceptable for a fat bloke to have “Darts” tattooed on his forearm then…? Or a bloke with cauliflower ears to have “Rugby” inked on his scarred bonce…?

    The only way this chap is not a cunt would be if this script reads “Everybody Wing Chun tonight”…

  15. no slicing, it’s only acceptable if you’re doing a cool martial art that makes you seem hard.

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