Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo Fun!

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  1. Holy fuckmustard, Batman!

  2. Codename Dutchess

    Holy fuck, Cody! So many things wrong with that pic…the pathetic single black light that appears to be turned on, horrible choice in beer, his cum stained brown chair (ok now we know what the black light is for), the shoes with no socks. I mean shit, you’re making it too fucking easy dude.

    But Laura cut her dog’s hair to look like a lion, albeit a boy lion, and I approve of that.

  3. No shit. Everyone digs the fucking TMNT.

  4. Also, the first one seems like something my cousin who is also named Cody would do….but I don’t think he has ever had a beard so my family tree is still probably safe from Internet Infamy.

  5. The single most disturbing fact of the first pic is that someone actually took it. They did not take the high road and slap him upside his fucking head.

  6. Hey the first one takes talent. Not that it should have been posted of course.

  7. Perhaps it should be posted, if only as a warning sign

  8. @Dutchess That and the old ass TV, on which looks like a local channel (news), in which appears to be the parent’s basement… (Hey, I had to add some drama to it).

  9. I don’t care what y’all think. Cody is a champ

  10. That dog’s tongue looks like the underside of a cyanotic, circumcised schlong.

  11. My ex got that magnet at Spencer’s. Not impressed.

  12. Wordpervert, I’ve just had a second look, and you could not be more correct.

    As for Cody, he better get used to using his right hand, because it will be his only companion after this public submission.

  13. @Duchess… “boy lion” ??? As opposed to what? A lioness? Yeah Engrish hard as fruck.

  14. Codename Dutchess

    stubby– Laura indcates that her dog is a ‘she’ yet that hair is indicative of a male lion, therefore I found it humorous that she took the type to make her dog like an animal of the opposite gender. Unless you’re just trying to be an argumentative piece of shit, in which case carry on.

  15. I still don’t know what albeit means…

  16. No way that’s Cody’s real member – looks more like a can of pepsi w/ a tennis ball on top.

  17. no

  18. Could someone explain what the point of the first pic being on here is, I must be missing something.

  19. it’s on his dick.

  20. lose the beard (or at least shut off the lights) and we’ll talk

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