Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pick Up Problems

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  1. They gave it to him. The cockroaches inside picked it up and left with it.

  2. This one is actually pretty good. I lol’ed

  3. This was, in no stretch of the imagination, funny.

    Isn’t the “priceless” meme now actually older than the college kids who post this crap?

  4. riceless is the new priceless. Keep up

  5. You prick, Stever.

  6. So good.

  7. hoho

  8. Fuck you all, I hate your faces. Where the hell is the old crew at on this life-sucking website? I hardly recognize any of you turd-burglars anymore. This will probably be a short-lived return to Lamebook.

  9. Very good indeed.

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  11. Damn Lily that sounds good, I just wish I was a stay at home mum! Drats!

  12. Where I come from Colton is a nasty fucking urban slum full of rent boy smack heads and crack sluts with scabby mouths.

    They’d probably fight to the death for a box of rice. The fucking rot faced starving cunts.

  13. Hey Nails…Ye’ know what else be riceless? North Korea! Sorry, s’all me got right now.

  14. If you spend $1.68 to go pick up food, it’s reasonable to assume that you used about half a gallon of gas, meaning you had to drive about 5-10 miles there and 5-10 miles back to pick up said food. Therefore, this person is fairly obviously not a college student if he doesn’t live closer than 5-10 miles away from a Chinese food restaurant and has to drive and get it himself.

  15. ^ Or he drives an H2 and lives only three blocks from the nearest Chinese Takeout joint.

  16. ^ This one.

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