Friday, November 29, 2013

Picking Sides

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  1. I’ll take your kids, they clearly have better taste than you. Separate the weak from the obsolete.

  2. If you are willing to disown your own children based on their preference of two deceased african american rap artists, your children should be taken away!

  3. While on the subject; happy Black Friday Americans!!

  4. Dr.LesterForeskin

    Steever: It’s “African American” Friday. Racist.

  5. ^Hahaha. That was a good one, Lester the Molester.

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  7. That escalated quickly.

  8. BAM! Stever owned all you bitches! Funny as fuck, Stever, my man!

  9. Is “Rebecca D. Rape” a joke from the spammers to StupidDane?

  10. Stockholm syndrome on the spammers?

  11. Dear “I Love Stever”

    1. You didn’t spell his name right. Don’t think it’s true love.
    2. Owned us all? Your world must be uber lame.
    3. Funny as fuck? Your world is uber lame.

    The spammers are more interesting than you. As is my taint.

  12. Ok Rebecca jokes done already. That’ll teach me not to read comments section from the bottom up.

  13. holy.
    this is revolutionary.
    lamebook doesn’t have to suck balls so much anymore.
    if your on the iPhone app, instead of going to latest and seeing reposts and these fucking r tards as per above, if you hit random, it’s like the old days when comments made you laugh, instead of promising yourself not to look at the comments section again!
    viva le Jenny slade mother fuckers!

  14. If you keep believing in iPhones being better than android-based phones, it’s your own fault if you get raped, and your iPhone gets broken during that.

  15. oh hai there stupiddane! are you directing that rape comment to me insinuating that it would be my fault if I were to get raped?

  16. ^^^ Captain Obvious

  17. Rebecca, if you keep spamming Lamebook like this, it’s your own fault if you end up with an awkward surname.

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  19. I’m a bit new here, is every comment section basically just arguments about other people in the comments section?

  20. Yes

  21. We also cure a few communicable diseases too. And talkabout lifes bottom feeders, like, I lust steeeeveeer and StupidGerman.
    Get out now whilst you can

  22. Yes, don’t stay…lest you rue the day you ever got the interwebz and decided to say, oh hey, wonder what this here Lamebook is all about! I bet it’s like Facebook!
    Just. Get. Out. Now.

  23. I want you to stay. I’m getting hungry…

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