Thursday, September 27, 2012


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  1. Wine and cheese is pretty sophisticated for chavs.

  2. The cheese was probably in a can.
    Surprised the wine wasn’t actually…

  3. Fake.

  4. I kind of like it when people are proud of their dismal failures. Its watching cows huddle under the only tree in the paddock on a stormy day. Proof that they will all end each other and leave decent people to start over

  5. ^and we won’t miss you, moo-face.

  6. hang on, jebus christ, you didn’t think you were a ‘decent person’ did you, berk?
    Fuck. Is this the saddest case of situational blindness I’ve ever come across, or are you using some ironic definition of ‘decent’?

  7. can’t really be arsed explaining it to you Ms. Suffice to say that I’m happy being at the opposite end of which ever ruler you carry to measure your version of ‘decency’

  8. yeah, sure.
    just be careful up there in the dizzying peaks of your own, personal, moral high-ground.
    wouldn’t want a bloodless little twerp like you to get a nose-bleed. could get ugly.

  9. have you ever read anything you’ve put up here?

  10. This is why I like travelling by train to the outer suburbs.. If you get the right carriage, you’ll get to spend the entire journey overhearing two petty criminals loudly and proudly discussing their rap sheets and the best way to nick coke from a corner store (2 smaller bottles rather than 1 larger one btw).

    It’s the air of superiority that is most interesting to observe.

  11. you were on the money with the irony, when I said opposite end of the decency ruler to you, I meant I was at the indecent end. So don’t get your knickers in a twist.

    Case in point on the train recently my mate and I observed two youngish tracksuit clad junkies

  12. ^sitting side by side, basically comatose. I think they were coming down, and just out to it. So we carefully pulled the pants of one open and dropped the hand of the other into the gap, and left them like that. Franks petty crim thing reminded me

  13. are you bragging about sexually assaulting a sleeping stranger on a train now?
    fucking hell, how low won’t you stoop to elicit some small morsel of validation for your pathos?

  14. It’s all about the cheese.

  15. “…suspended for 12 months, following a guilty conscience…”

  16. I was just helping you prove your point, since you were doing such a shite job of it. It worries me when you make unsubstantiated statements about people who comment here. It shows the cracks in your superiority, which can’t be good for you Ms. Whether what I wrote is factual is irrelevant. this is the Internet, where fact and fiction mingle.

    Actually, truth be told, I was hoping you’d bite and show what a miserable blowfly you are.

  17. Stupid cunts. Shut up.

  18. “…hoping you’d bite…”

    that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever fucking heard,
    ‘I hate you & i hope you notice me!’

  19. LoL sure

  20. you call yourself a decent person and a sex-offender in the same thread.

    I couldn’t make this shit up.

  21. at which point did I say I was a decent person?
    you are right, you couldn’t make this shit up, at best you just sit in your cage and fling your shit

  22. so sad.

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