Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Picture This…

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  1. QUICK! EVILCOW! Get in here and masturbate to this picture of money before it dries up…it’s totally fucking wet and waiting for you…I know it just gets you so fucking hard you perv!

  2. Fake.

  3. Fake. Cunts. I fucked that dollar bill.


  5. I like money that has Pictures of Beaver and Geese.

  6. How many pots have you smoken?

  7. It is appropriate that he has dreds

  8. So… The state of America is they’re all jizz faces? I really don’t follow. Not saying it’s wrong either… Just… Not sure what the message is here.

  9. Derek wasn’t sure what to make of it either. Don’t read too much into it – it made perfect sense to the jizz-face “artist” while he was shrooming, but we needn’t analyse it.

  10. Fair enough… This is lamebook after all.

  11. adam weishaupt looks good on the one dollar bill

  12. Kris from Kris Kross was happy with his new scout badge for panhandling.

    He was going to stick it on his cap next to his ‘I’m a Cunt’ badge.

  13. I want an “I’m a cunt” badge, where can I get one?

  14. ^at the oxymoron store.

  15. and where the fuck is that? Ms. why don’t you try being a little more helpful here. You can’t just blurt out something like that without giving me directions….or at least a phone number!

  16. The third one is only funny because he is black. Of course black people know how to smoke different substances, silly.

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