Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Picturesque Problems

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  1. Big girls need lovin’ too?

    Also, the ‘anus pounder’ is so old, when my great great granny heard it, she laughed so hard she fell off her pet dinosaur and broke her rock bra.

  2. Hur dur, it says “4.20”. Derp.

  3. @Super Nintendo Chalmers, it’s amusing because ClearEye is often used by stoners to mask their state of mind. So it’s more than just a random sighting of that number.

  4. @Super Nintendo Chalmers – what an idiot.

  5. Holy shit that woman is huge! Even wearing flats she is dwarfing everyone! I’m tipping about 165kegs… And as for the clearies – I get it, but as an Aussie, it is very meh. OOH OMG LOL 420 is the backwards date of something about weed from the 70’s. Next…

  6. bradles, don’t be such a fucken poofter. it’s funnier than 90% percent of the other shit on here ya queer cunt.

  7. @oatmealandi – pipe down, girlie.

  8. Whoa whoa settle down dragon, I don’t want any trouble. Judging by your poofter remark I’m guessing you’re aussie too, so tell me how this holds any relevance to us? It doesn’t, and it’s not very funny so my original rating of meh seems valid. Go fuck yourself 🙂

  9. How is whether you are an Aussie a determining factor in whether a tall obese woman is funny?

  10. Fat people are funny wherever you come from. It’s the clear eyes one that I was referring to…

  11. Yeah, I’m Aussie and I had to wiki 420. Nothing’s as funny as it should have been, when you have to have the joke explained to you.



  13. So because a joke posted on a US-based website is not relevant in Australia, nobody is allowed to find it humourous. Got it.

  14. I’d never normally jump to the defence of chunky folk, but even taking into account Big Blue’s height, there’s no way that she’s as heavy as 165kg/360lbs.

    For fuck’s sake, how many times are you going to post that 3rd one, Lamebook?

  15. All terrible.

  16. I’m Australian and everything bradles has posted is as clear to me as static noise.

  17. @gluey – the moderators may be US-based, but the world wide web is still the world wide web. You may find it funny if you like, but only you.

    @wordy – my assumption may have been a tad over zealous. In my head she’s 6’6″ with a face like the superman guy from The Goonies.

    @dragon the 2nd – go fuck yourself with the other dragon.

  18. The problem with you dopey Aussies is you forget you have to read everything backwards, you bloody sheep-rootin’ dole bludgers.

  19. I’m always sad when I remember that ugly people have sex too.

    Oh and I’m Australian. So I guess I didn’t get the jokes either

  20. wtf bradles, ya flamin mongrel, u never heard of 420? no wonder the aids ridden, recession laden, 95% of the worlds obese live there septic tanks think we is backwards…

  21. @Super Nintendo Chalmers – You use the term “derp” therefore you are a cunt

  22. dragon it’s that sort of lazy thinking you kanga riders have become used to that’s causing you lazy bunch of leather-skinned criminals to become the fattest bunch of yobbos in the world. (despite 95% of the population living near the bloody beach!!)


  23. Never mind the fattie. No one going to comment on the blond chick about to slap the face of this guy for dad dancing?

  24. touché

  25. Dragon, I object to your statement that 95% of the world’s obese live here.
    It is clearly closer to 98%.

  26. Walter that article is pretty *recent*. Search the archives long?

  27. I wonder how much 420 has that fatso had, that gave her all the munchies and led to her current state.

  28. And the first time I heard the word “fatso”, was in that aussie movie about a fatso’s wedding.

  29. *Proffer gratuitous insult to someone I don’t know*

  30. ^ win

    I think the original point is that 420 isn’t as funny to us Australians coz, well, it means almost nothing to us. People comment that lamebook is shit all the time; this was just one disparaging remark on one entry. But a humourous race war nonetheless.
    And hey, ‘low’ is the opposite of ‘high’ =O

    I find it sad that a chick dressed like that at a wedding is only getting attention from who I’m assuming from the fatherly-figure man, who I’m assuming from the blue tie is the father of the bride or a groomsman. I also noticed that the chick in the background is in a blue and white dress, so maybe it was blue and white themed and this LBD girl is either the bride or an attention seeker.

  31. Yeah jesie, it took ages to google “fattest country” and then click one of the three links to articles about Australia being the fattest country in the world.

  32. slicingupeyeballs

    fat woman, obscure dope reference and an old McD’s snap, done.

    However no-one has noted that the blonde dancing like a spastic is very rootable…

  33. that guys chin looks like it’s about to come off of his face

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