Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pizza My Heart

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  1. she sounds adorable while being fisted?

  2. completely unrelated to the post, but over the past month this fucking website is taking upwards 5 minutes just to load on my internet machine. doesn’t happen on any other websites. all the while, at the bottom, i’m seeing ‘Read i dot polldaddy dot com’ and ‘Read www dot widgetserver dot com‘ and all kinds of other crap. did lamebook change their scripts to do all of this other pointless crap or something?

    anyone else having this problem?

  3. Would be much more awkward if the pizza was baked into a penis shape with extra sausage.

  4. Even the lamebook commentators are trying too hard now.

  5. @ Jenny – Doesn’t everyone?

    @ TellingItReal – I’m not having that issue. Perhaps you are receiving ads based on your browser history. You might want to get that checked.

  6. That was actually kind of cute. It’s even more believable since they didn’t somehow end up together.

  7. Nick has excellent penmanship. Especially given the fact that he wrote this note on, what appears to be, a napkin.

  8. ^ I beg to differ. I was always taught that slanting your letters to the left showed weakness of character. And the fact that a grown man/boy is still writing in cursive is sad indeed.
    That’s why, when writing to ladies, I prefer to cut the letters out of magazines and glue them together.

  9. as Theodore implied I’m alarmed that someone can profit ($)9890 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this web site… Can99.c­om

  10. Abraham Lincoln

    It speaks volumes for the current Lamebook audience that #3 has so many thumbs up. It would be a funny comment, if I were 12 years old.

  11. Doesn’t anyone think it’s a bit creepy he’s written her a love note and knows her address?

    My lamebook was loading onto an owl . com page yesterday.

  12. #1 I was so having a moment thinking the OP was a man. Thanks for bringing me back to reality.

    And, as Abraham Lincoln implied, I think the kids need to take summer classes, or something.

  13. Was something supposed to be in that gap to the left?

  14. @13 Nah, it’s just formatted like an old-school letter.

  15. Oh, ok.

  16. @tellingitreal – I use Firefox with Adblock plus and I never see any ads on any website. And they all load as quick as a mouse click, including this website. Your browser is an open hole getting stuffed with ad traffic and choking your bandwidth.

    @Pizzagirl ~ Give Nick a chance, he is a true romantic. You’ve done worst.

  17. What can we use to get rid of spammers, Ben?

  18. What doe that even say? “This is sort of cheesy but you are one supreme urlice”? WHAT IS AN URLICE?

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