Friday, February 17, 2012

Plain Awesome

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  1. Ungrateful bitch. He’s giving her the means to hours of baking. He could have given her aids.

  2. Women always say they appreciate a man with a sense of humour, so why do they complain when they get one?

  3. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    It would be a good idea if he said “just kidding” immediately after and handed her the real, nice gift. Otherwise he’s gonna need that flour and water for jerking off alone next valentine’s day

  4. At least one of them has a sense of humor. Where can I find that flour?

  5. I would’ve took the flour, I damn well know I belong in the kitchen!

  6. water and flour for wanking?? for reals? that sounds like it could get painful

  7. I would think it feels like a very sticky bj, and it would hurt very much if he didn’t shave

  8. ^ so it feels like a girls mouth AFTER you’ve white washed her tonsils? I’ll pass.

  9. Still laughed

  10. Fake….who asks for a plain flower? How convenient.

  11. not only is paige’s bf not fucking hilarious, he bought coles brand flour. which makes him look exactly like an ignorant cunt.

    coles brand products are made from the pulverized hopes and crushed dreams of ausfailure’s manufacturing sector.

  12. Msanne wtfs your problem with ausfailure ?

  13. ^if you never ask me another question, I’ll be happy.
    To put it bluntly, you are far too stupid to even begin to understand any but the shallowest and most simplistic of concepts, and I got better things to do than try and explain everyfuckingthing ever to you.

  14. ignorance is truely bliss, isn’t it ? now continue on with your wretched dabauchery

  15. LMAO @ “better things to do” MrAnne

  16. It’s even funnier if you’ve met anyone from Goulburn.

  17. I was Rick-Rolled on my birthday card over the weekend – that’s how you know you’ve found someone truly special. That, and the LSD.

    I hope that Paige’s engagement ring is somewhere in that bag of flour. But she’ll never find it.

  18. ^you sound chirpy.

  19. ^ I fuckin’ am!

  20. Plain white flour?! That’s a bit racilist ain’t it!?

    Everyone knows that Unbleached Flour is the flour of choice for the United Colours of Benetton, politically correct, mudane cunt generation…

  21. She got what she deserved…

  22. Did you suck his dick after that bachantte

  23. Fuck off, Flames. This ain’t no chatroom. Call a damn sexline if you want some masturbation fodder.

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