Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please No Morgue




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  1. Fuck Elizabeth and all those sympathy seeking douche-bags who post ambiguous status updates about having a shitty day/week, waiting for their ‘friends’ to comment so they can drop a “my dad died” or ‘my family was raped and murder by an escaped polar bear’.

    So true. I have a friend who was going through a divorce so she’d post like 10 updates a day about she was like a Phoenix rising through the ashes, and how she wasn’t going to let the man get her down and all kinds of drama queen shit like that so she could get all her FB friends to give her “you go girl” comments. Such an attention whore, it drove me nuts.

  2. fishville? …kinda lame

  3. @lostinthought

    Hence why this is on lamebook.

  4. Kay is a fucktard. Seriously.

  5. they just took her dad off of live support and yet she still has time for facebook… now that is loyalty…seriously, she is addicted…

  6. Lmao @ 45.

  7. For Elizabeth’s status…EPIC fail of her friends.. lol

  8. Elizabeth = Debbie Downer

    Sorry, but she kinda pulled an emo dick move by withholding key information until after her friends made fools of themselves in thinking it was a standard bad day.

  9. Elizabeth is a selfish, attention-seeking twat.

  10. There is 5 hours between her status post, and her life-support comment. That is more than enough time for a doctor to say, “Your Dad is doing bad, but we’re working on it.” to “Your dad is not going to get better.”

    What the fuck is wrong with some of you?

  11. Hear, hear! And besides, you’re allowed to want attention if your parent(s) just died, you lackwits! That’s when we REALLY need the support and love of those around us. Have some sympathy and pull your head out of your asses before your parents die too and you suddenly find yourselves completely alone.

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