Thursday, October 3, 2013

Please Remove Me from this Planet

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  1. Yes! I take selfies while twerking!! Now I’m legit!!

  2. …Because they are phrases that people use. What on earth is the problem here?

  3. Because it caters to the lowest common denominator, people don’t have to learn a proper language anymore, we just change the words for them…

    And speaking language is not the same as writing language. Just because people say “y’all” doesn’t mean I should use it in my letters…

  4. Don’t get me wrong here, I like Americans in general and I’m not hysterically anti-American – but this time it’s definitely this their fault.

    Every time I visit the ‘states, the youngsters have a new buzzword.

    YOLO, SWAG, Twerk, dafuq…

    Stop fucking up the language!

  5. ^Can i get an AMEN?!

  6. Those words are supposed to be the dictionary for understanding imbeciles.

  7. I hate I hate Stever

    It’s idiocracy!

  8. omg how dares the dictionary get larger by words that come by social media!! no only smart words!!

  9. Without subtle changes and tweaks, I’m thinking you peeps be talking like Shakespeare still. Yo.

  10. Well, at least he knew how to spin a good yarn :p…

  11. Y’all sound faggy.

  12. ‘Selfie’ is a lot more handy than ‘Self portrait taken on a camera phone or other portable electronic device’ so thumbs up. And how else would you describe ‘twerking’ in one word? The world changes, language adapts.

  13. Ah, the effects of liberalism again.

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