Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Plus Side Posts

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  1. Heisenbergererer!

  2. 100th!

  3. De Jabba no badda!

  4. Golf Clap for Kalhan, bravo, a direct hit.

  5. Also, these are bad.

  6. I can’t even be bothered to make a Justin-Bieber-joke joke, because by now, even THOSE are repetitive and unoriginal.

  7. good news everyone! this is the 200 billionth bieber post! we’ve now hit the official “Bieber Jokes Are No Longer Funny” point! yay! now we can move on…..right lamebook? please? PLEASE? make some AIDS jokes or something.

    if you can’t move on then at least make them witty one liners. seriously, i’m on my hands and knees here. people are starting to stare.

  8. THIS is the Official “Bieber Jokes Are No Longer Funny” point? I thought we passed that about six months ago.

  9. Oh lex, there’s nothing wrong with staring!

    Yeah, I’m over the Bieber.

  10. true….and yet the posts continue to surface.

  11. Well, now that Bieber is out, that only leaves coming on the face, and mating. Which will it be? Anyone?

  12. Hahaha, it comes in your face.

    Hahahaha. That was pretty funny.

  13. i’ll take ee and both 😉

  14. Who's That Girl?

    Props to Nicholas! The tight pink shirt obviously screams homosexual, but the witty comeback says “you can’t bring the gay man down”. Well played, well played.

  15. Seriously, why the hell would Ryan have one ticket for a Beiber concert? Were he and his boyfriend, also a child molester, going to go but now they broke up?

  16. Maybe he doesn’t know anybody else that likes Justin Bieber but he still wants to go.

  17. I wonder, what would be the best time to have babies born in? Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall? Use contraceptives during the rest of the year? Abort accidents? It’s such a thought provoking topic. I think when I become the leader of my own country, I’ll start a dictatorship and enforce this law and have a strict regiment built around this idea. If you oppose the idea, your tubes will be tied.

  18. Nuff, I like it. You would save billions on health care by only needing OBs once a year.

  19. Thanks, the more I’ve thought about it, the better it seems. It would be all about population control. Each year, that batch of kids would go through a specialized education system where classrooms are never too full or not enough. Immigrants could be imported for specific roles in the community as long as they have any kind of trade skill and contribute to the community. If there are too many of one trade, they won’t be accepted in and so forth. Health care would be awesome and everybody would be guaranteed a job. It will be awesome. I’ll just export the useless people.

  20. Thanks lex!

    nuff, that’s a excellent idea. You could always buy a island off of some coast and start your own society.

  21. That’s the plan ee! Maybe I’ll try hostile takeover and try a small island like Madagascar or Japan. Victoria Island would be a pretty badass too, I’ll just kick out all the old people. That way I can live next to B.C.

  22. Nuff, if you throw in no corporal punishment for children, and add a generous death penalty for the molesty/ rapey/ murdery/ adults, you have my vote. Early and often.

    Utopia, ahoy!

  23. i’ve got my passport!

  24. Nick, don’t you dare tease me.

  25. Bieber? Again?

  26. Victoria Island is in the arctic. I think you are referring to Vancouver Island

    ps please dont take over my island

  27. Poop.

    I’m tired and don’t care at the moment. I should go to bed, but trollin’ comments is more fun

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