Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Facts

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  1. The white smoke comes from all the cigarettes they smoke after touching each other.

  2. This one was actually pretty clever. Good on you, Tim. Now save your wank for when you get home.

  3. ^oh you are going to get slammed by some shitty little teenager who saw this yesterday on reddit.. or whatever website the kids are watching these days.

  4. Abraham Lincoln

    Call me dense – but I don’t get it. Can somebody please explain the original post? Thanks.

  5. Robot Combat League is fucking stupid.

  6. Lincoln, it’s a play on the holiday of Groundhog Day.

  7. The fuck, Lincoln? Have you not seen Groundhog Day? Go and watch it, NOW.

  8. hannibal-lecture

    Lincoln never would have known about Groundhog Day.

  9. Yeh, Lincoln… something, something… Groundhog Day.

  10. ..and if he sees a sihouette of a nun in the convent window, he has to say fourteen ‘Hail Marys’.

  11. Groundhog day is an epic movie:

    “Phil Connors?!?”


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