Thursday, April 23, 2009

Postpartum Debreastion


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  1. no one. wants. to hear this.

  2. SICK.

  3. So sad. Because we all enjoy being able to produce milk now and then.

  4. Come on hardly news not even wierd, I’ve got 2 kids, Breast is best if you dont want to read it close your eyes

    The stigmas we have on this issue is what drives mother’s into feeding their children corporate powdered shit. The women is sharing info with other mothers.

  5. Maybe the breeders can transfer to Titbook? Then they can chat about boobie-juice until the end of time.
    Is there a Titbook? There should be…

  6. I agree with Cathal 100%.
    This is not my definition of lame at all.
    Breastfeeding is not gross and it is immature to think so.
    Lamebook should lay off mommy-talk.

  7. Its lame because the world doesnt need to know about it. Get off facebook and stop posting your life online.

  8. I agree with Cathal.

  9. The fact that she is breastfeeding or pumping or having to change to formula is not what’s lame here. Breastfeeding isn’t gross and it should be openly discussed. But… with particular friends. In the right setting. Facebook doesn’t need to know that her boobies are drying up. THAT’s why it’s on here.

  10. hey if she was here, she would never dry up;) Id be a suckleing right now!

  11. Wow, what a bunch of bitches. All of you dumb bastards who are all “ewwwww, that’s gross” are complete fucking morons. Complete.

  12. i don’t know about you guys, but i thought the weird thing about this was that she was upset about not being able to let her kid chomp on her nipple. breast feeding is normal…feeling sad about stopping is a little odd

  13. It’s not gross, when you breastfeed your body releases hormones, it’s a mothers instinct, it is a bonding experience that brings mother and baby closer.

    When you stop lactating , and dry up your hormones go haywire and causes a slight depression

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  20. Crusty, you sad fuck….

    On topic: Hilary should focus on pumping her husband’s shaft.

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