Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pregnancy Avoidance

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  1. Nurse:”How do you fuck girls without a cock?”

  2. How the hell is that a loaded question? Loaded questions are those that make assumptions, such as “How many times have you been pregnant?” That question assumes you’ve been pregnant, and implies you’ve been pregnant multiple times. “How old were you when you became sexually active?” is NOT a loaded question. Absolutely NO assumptions are being made beyond the idea that you are indeed sexually active, and that doesn’t count because your answer to the question prior to that cancels it out. You told the nurse you’ve had 11 sexual partners. By definition, you can’t even have ONE sexual partner without being considered sexually active.

  3. This whole post is bullshit.
    Where could she possibly be that won’t allow men to wait in the waiting room, besides and abortion clinic? So the slutty little lesbo is pregnant, probably by her father, which is why she doesn’t like boys. Fuck you all .and fuck lamebook for not posting anything for almost a week. Rather shut your site down than have us log on to see the same shit while and up your visit count to pay for your mother fucking advertising

  4. Good sound I don’t think drunk

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