Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pregnant Pinhead

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  1. At least we know she is not the first mother that smoked while pregnant in her family.

  2. ‘6 people like this’. Oh dear.

  3. Who else thinks there should be breeding licenses imposed on humans?

  4. That’s right, sports fans. While hospital-based breast feeding nazis withhold baby formula from catatonic new mothers, stupid bitches like this are allowed to poison their child while still in the womb.

  5. Dirty filthy fucking tramp. I’d cut her ovaries out.

  6. I can’t wait til we live in a future where the fertility of both parties can be turned on/off, and that you must pass some sort of test in order to have kids. To many, that sounds like a dystopian hell, but to me, that sounds like a life of worry free sex and salvation for the future of human intelligence.

  7. I’m not into punching random people in the face but for you bitch, you self centred slug, I would make an exception (nb. To protect the baby I would ensure get fall afterwards was controlled by me shoving my fingers up her nose and lowering her slowly)

  8. What a moron. Selfish. Her baby will smell like she bathed it in an ash tray.

  9. I think most of our mothers smoked while pregnant… and we turned out just f….

  10. Remember OP, you’re smoking for TWO now! Better get a few more in daily.

    Also #6, just remember who will be turning people’s units off/on. The government. And seeing who they license to drive doesn’t fill me with great hope that the DBV (Deparment of Breeding Vaginas) will do any better on their front.

  11. #6
    The US government already did something very similar and it was permanent. It made the Nazis look all warm and fuzzy by comparison.

  12. Nothing the US has ever done has made what the nazis did look “warm and fuzzy.”

    You’re a fucking fool and your anti-American tirades on here continually reveal your ignorance.

  13. #6 That sounds good in theory, but I think eugenics fell out of favor after WWII (not invoking Nazi’s there were plenty of civilizations throughout history, including some trendy scientists here back in the day, that have tested the idea). Aside from the human rights aspect, it will always devolve into affecting some segment of the population disproportionately along other lines (race, politics, class, etc.). Once you narrow down the types to an “ideal” you will lose the marketplace of ideas that allows for faster growth and hedges against colossal failure if the whole group latches on to a bad idea.

  14. I hope the kid reminds her of that when they’re in adjoining rooms on the cancer ward!

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