Monday, February 10, 2014

Pretty Fast

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  1. Hey, what’s for lunch?

  2. The Beast Among Us

    Guarantee he’ll miss a spot or two.

  3. Better than nothing

  4. Floor is lunch. Get used to it.

  5. I’m sure you’d go to heaven putting someone with a disability in the comfort of your home. stealing money out of their wallet and fucking with the braille newspaper will send you to hell.

  6. Why not get in a cleaner? If you go online, you can make $22,432 a month, even if you’ve been laid off. In fact, you make more if you’ve been laid off. I’m going to be honest here, you kinda have to be laid off.
    Read the article. Smell the article or just roll around on the article

  7. So, guess I shouldn’t have sex with the article? Fffff this hurts.

  8. Fuck sympathy! I don’t need your fucking sympathy, man, I need my fucking johnson!

  9. I think the blind person would notice, since their other senses are now more sensitive.

  10. The Beast Among Us

    ^ NOW more sensitive? Some blind people are born that way.

    #6 – You have to get laid on camera, not get laid off. Totally different.

  11. my best friend’s mother makes 88 dolars hourly on the computer. She has been laid off for five months but last month her pay was 21162 USD just working on the computer for a few hours. read the article



  12. what’s wrong with stupid D, he’s not doing his usual rape jokes.

  13. Maybe someone finally gave him the D……..

  14. theregularsarelame

    Jeez is this Al you’ve got? I’ve put funnier posts than this one

  15. Your lover, Al, will be with you momentarily. Please listen to some elevator music in the meantime.

  16. I was watching women’s figure skating the other day, and came a little in my shorts when Gracie Gold’s skirt flew up.

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