Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pretty Much…

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  1. It went to HIGH SCHOOL???

  2. I can’t even comprehend that? We r all going down!!!

  3. “A Message to Garcia”

  4. maybe they’re all towns in wisconsin.

  5. “Hey, boy, you’re a ho. I don’t know why you think everyone wants that tiny mean (?) because nobody does.”

  6. TheGreatAndAbhorrentCthulhu

    ^ “meat” is what this being meant, I believe.

  7. Think tiny ain’t.

  8. I thought so too but it just seemed odd. Not that the rest of it made much sense…

  9. What do you expect from those Massaponaxians?

  10. Maybe they were just really, really, really drunk.

    …she said with naive optimism.

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