Thursday, August 11, 2011

Problematic People

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  1. STEVER??????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Good thing Mariah’s name is blurred out. We would NEVER be able to figure that one out based on that fan page.

  3.’s blurring is MUCH lamer than the lame Facebook update.
    You might have as well left it alone.

  4. Smart move by Mariah to alert all of her friends, and their friends, and their friends to the existence of the group started by the awesomely hilarious Tyler. I will mark this down as reason number 3,981,035 why you shouldn’t have anything to do with your parents on Facebook.

  5. Oh come one… Her last name is Werlich.

  6. *on :S

  7. people should jst b happi and stop hating

  8. heyy people im new to this

  9. Hello ♥

  10. The English language can’t be learned overnight but don’t worry, you’ll master it in time.

  11. *learnt

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