Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Problematic Pictures

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  1. I seriously hope dude from #3 called the cops before he posted this to facebook.

  2. #3 happened to me too, sort of. Found the eviction notice, dug around, found tons of credit cards & ids. She used a fake name on the lease too. Goodbyeeee, credit! 🙁

  3. He could have called the cops before or after. A few minutes isn’t going to make a difference.

  4. #3 not much to worry about since he’s older. but god damn who does that shit i don’t understand and i prefer not to, how kiddy porn even exists ? .fucktheworld. on the other hand, #1 and 2 are hilarious =D

  5. #3 seems to have something wrong with his mouth. If I knew him, I’d offer the remedy of a frying pan to the face or somehing.

  6. # 1 and 2 i found confusing more than humorous or confused why its humorous, nad ive drank a 12 pack by now. meh
    # 3 is even worse, i guess he’s holding a eviction notice, they arent funny, and then he accuses his roommate of being a pedophile, how bout instead of a pic wiht you looking stupid holding an eviction notice, you post proof of the pedophile with incriminating evidence.

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    sirbutlust just said he would like this post better if the guy in the picture was holding up kiddie porn.

  8. @sirbutlust….Are you suggesting that he should have posted the kiddie porn himself to prove the validity of his claims?

  9. i wasthinking they were internet porn but you are right, probably actaul photograhs and such.I would,however, posted the proof wiht blurred out little wieners of the kids. I hope its real photos and the guy above didnt find the internet porn cause if his roommate was charged and it showed the guy above was looking at his collection, as a juror, based on above guys looks, i’d make him guilty of kid porn too (this is why jury system sucks). but why is the second picture funny, i still dont get it. i was like maybe her arms have spray paint and she did it but not so, why is it funny?

  10. I don’t really care what age the girl (or boy) is, I’d hit it. Screw the graffiti. 😀

  11. I agree with Keona.

  12. Number 3 should have contacted the police regardless of what format the child porn was in. That shit is serious. I hope he did the right thing.

  13. @sirbutlust………………………. STFU.


  14. @ Sirbutlust…for your sake i hope you’re joking.

    Agree with everyone else though numbers 1 & 2 are hilarious

  15. Hmmm…. Looks like we have many pedos in here…one that wants to see kiddie porn and 2 that want to have sex with a 16 year old.

  16. Kristin, that’s nothing. I assume you haven’t yet been acquainted with Mofo or PA?

  17. Holu Fuck! Curly? I just wet myself!

    And it’s cheesuschrist, now, and they have given up on LB… I’m forveer the optimist, tho

  18. Holy* forever* though*
    See how you make me feel?

  19. @Kristin .. how the hell, is sex with 16 year old a pedo stuff ? Guess you must be from California or something.

  20. Haha hello there wandr …. don’t get your knickers in a twist 😉 Wordy talked me into popping over. We all miss Mofo don’t we? Where on earth has he got to!

  21. Prison again?

  22. I don’t get number 2.
    Here in Australia, the legal age for consensual sex is 16. And our legal drinking age is 18. Sucks to be American.

  23. vaginalroundhouse


    Back int the 1970s the legal drinking age was 18. I had a boss who was born in that special year when you turned 18, legal drinking went to 19. Then when he turned 19, the legal drinking age became 21. Most of you would say it sucks but he saw it another way. It’s like 3 birthdays where it’s your 21st, 18 for you Aussies, and those are the best ones.

  24. flying gargoyle

    Yah. I was born in that “special year”, too. Only when the drinking ages went up, they didn’t not include a grandfather clause. So, now, you’re drinking; now, you’re not. We tried to make do by wearing “I Used To Be Legal” t-shirts, but it was an utterly futile protest. And it wasn’t nearly as fun as the old coot legends tell…

  25. Dude from Number three lives in the Wolf Village Apartments at NC State. I’d recognize that background anywhere. And they don’t evict people. You either pay up front or you don’t get in

  26. 16 is legal in England. Maybe he needs to buy her a plane ticket?

  27. Errmm… and himself obviously :/

  28. I bet Marla isn’t even 16. Young girls lie about their age as much as older women do. Marla, cover yourself up, get off that bridge, and go home to your mother.

    The new way to log in hasn’t been mentioned by anyone? Anyway, like Curly, I’ve decided to capitalise on it.

  29. @Go Wolfpack

    Because no other apartment complex in the United States, no not even in the world could look like that…
    funny then how it also looks pretty similar to my shitty Florida apartment. On your logic, he must live here!!

  30. I love how the 16 year old girl is dressed like a hooker yet would act like the guy is a perv for hitting on her. If you are 16 put some clothes on and go to school.

  31. I like how that’s Maria’s profile picture. Keepin’ it classy.

  32. @sirbutlust you are just plain sick for insisting on seeing the child pornography. Case closed.

  33. Wordy I refuse to put a cap on, I wouldn’t be me.
    But that obviously brings back the fun “let’s pretend to be someone else” part.

  34. I would lure the Practice slut in photo two into my sordid web of jizz by promising her a ‘better life’ away from the miserable fucking slogan daubed existence which she currently abides in…

    In reality she’d just end up being another baggy holed sex slave.

    Touching children is not funny…. it’s sexy.

    I’m watching you all.

    Haloumi to introduce myself.

  35. Brian is funny.

  36. #1 and #2 are funny. Sad all the witty comments on this post were hidden inbetween comments made by total idiots though. P.S. #1 spelled “Mindful” wrong.

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