Monday, July 11, 2011

Problematic Pictures

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  1. wow. the first picture is at least 10 years old. congrats lamebook…..and I’m sure it’s been posted here before.

  2. STEVER?

  3. Clever Name Here

    Pretty sure the first one was mine. Damnit, I was lied to.

  4. Maybe #2 is commenting on the woman and not the location.

  5. stever, its over. Give up, get a new thing

  6. NEVER let go, Steeeever!! NEEEEEEEVER let go!!!!!!

  7. I bet Stephanie is probably the one in her friendship group considered to have the ‘good figure’.

    Christ on a chopstick…

  8. Is it not the fact that she’s annotated the picture as Idaho despite being in Iowa? Just a thought

  9. ^ didn’t get it…

  10. vaginalroundhouse

    Why do you want to take a picture near a road sign. Look at it and move on.

  11. Ohhh didn’t even notice the Iowa/Idaho thing. Probably because they are the same place in my mind too.

  12. there’s a place called Idaho? But that doesn’t sound very American.

  13. Blacks get a special month dedicated to telling us to appreciate their historical contributions, because apparently those contributions are so insignificant that otherwise we’d never even notice them.

  14. After all otherwise we wouldn’t need a month telling us to appreciate them!

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