Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Professor Problems

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  1. Shut up

  2. So what if the professor bores him? Why call him to his office? What’s he gonna do? He can’t give him detention. There may be a penalty for skipping class, but other than that, I wouldn’t think there is much the professor can do.

  3. If this class LITERALLY bore the shit out of him, I don’t want to see or smell hist pants afterwards.

  4. Good thing he’s not his ENGLISH professor; he’d have more than one reason to call him to the office.

  5. I agree with 2. Plus if he’s really a ‘professor’ that means this is college and so I doubt there’s a penalty for skipping class (unless the professor has attendance count toward the grade).

  6. Fake.

  7. I lose respect for lamebook when they don’t spot fake posts. why doesn’t his professor know how to spell “realize”?

  8. Because it is the English spelling perhaps? AmDUMBASSador, more like. 😉

  9. The English, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian spelling. America is the only place that spells it “realize”.

  10. Tru dat. We are fond of our Zs. And saying amazingly intelligent phrases like, “true dat.”

  11. I thought “true dat” was from New Zealand??

  12. Fake

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