Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Proper English Never Goes Out of Style

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  1. It would have been rather funny if, after 160 characters, the text was cut off and unfinished.

  2. I’m not happy with this one. It’s the whole vibe of it


  4. Datz stupd

  5. He forgot to capitalize Nokia.

  6. Dave just wants everyone to know that he mastered SOMETHING during school.
    Seriously, proper spelling and grammar should be encouraged and corrected when applicable, but I hate it when people act like Dave about it.
    “I don’t have TIME for people who misspell letters”.
    Oh, because learning proper English was a massive achievement in your life, only so many people can do it.
    I was homeschooled, Justy from reading books a lot, I learned most of what I know about using proper grammar/spelling, it’s not a big deal. It makes your writing better and superior, not you.
    People sound like a pretentious nerds when they say crap like this.
    Soon, (if not already) they’re going to make correct grammar look like something squares do, and then no one will care.

  7. *just

  8. ^ Already, no one cares, and that’s what Dave is going on about. He’s a dick about it, for sure; however, when people mix up the you’re/your and their/they’re/there every time, and then type stupid shit like u/r/2/4/thru/ure, and type in l33t sp34k or CaMeLtYpE, it makes them look like dicks, too. Not only does it make them look like dicks, but it makes them look like stupid dicks. Most people can forgive the occasional misspelling, but when one does it on purpose because they think it’s cool, or one simply ignores it because they “don’t have time to think properly,” well, many people don’t have time to listen to their feeble opinions, either. Like you said, it doesn’t take a genius to spell properly or write with correct grammar, yet so many people prove to the world their idiocy.

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