Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Proud Parents

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  1. Ben squared

  2. ice cream is also difficult to eat while driving.

  3. As is falafel.

  4. I wish my dad made me learn to chow down and drive. I kept telling them that we needed to practice that. It possibly sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m dead serious. I was usually super hungry when we were doing my driving lessons…

  5. britishhobo is gay

  6. Sonny has an awesome dad. Come to think about it Sonny’s dad must be quite obese if he just can’t wait to eat… the urge to eat is too overpowering…nomnomnom… crash!!!

  7. as is soup.

  8. I saw a woman eating spaghetti once while driving, and talking on her cellphone at the same time. She had the phone pressed against her ear with her shoulder. And she had the bowl of spaghetti resting on the steering wheel. She held it in place by placing three of her fingers on the bowl and her pinky on the steering wheel. The other hand altered between the spaghetti and keeping the bowl from falling. I’m guessing she steered with her wrist, pinky, and knees. It looked incredibly difficult and dangerous. I was just surprised she didn’t cause an accident.

  9. I think Sonny’s dad taught everyone in Tallahassee to drive. It’s really bad 🙁

  10. i cant eat anything more complicated than chicken fingers and french fries while driving

  11. Fajitas are super-hard to eat while driving. You have to be careful with that sizzling skillet.

  12. @ariesdragon123 was it any better the second time?

  13. @lexluther

    Haha, yes! Naturally.

  14. BritishHobo is gay.

  15. Did Hobo just call Hobo a douche?

  16. The hardest thing to eat while driving that I can think of is pussy,

    and this is in no way a reflection of the state of my dirty, dirty mind it’s just a fact of life.

  17. #11 🙂

  18. Hi all, I am a pussy… I try to act like a troll because in real life I look like a troll… every one please ignore me because I’m a retard.

    P.s I secretly LOVE Alord and BritishHobo.. 😛

    sincerely yours


  19. Try eating rice with chop sticks while driving! That was my first crash.. Oops

  20. The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen done whilst driving has nothing to do with food. It was on Ft. Hood, and I witnessed a soldier shaving in his moving car. And it was not an electric shaver. He had shaving cream on his face and was rinsing it with a “Big Gulp” cup of water. So while he raced off to formation he was dragging a razor across his face. Is that part of the AsVab?

  21. I second – #11 😀

  22. anonisgayisgay

    I knew it!

  23. I also love you ariesdragon123…


  24. Sonny should be looking forward to when his dad has him practice fingering his girlfriend while driving. And getting road head.
    And how fat is this Chris kid? Unless you weigh like 200 kg I don’t see how you are going to manage to break any sheets you can buy in these parts. I think Chris has been doing a little too much eating while driving.

  25. Wait, did anon just break character or is the name stealing back again?

    and did someone just call Hobo John Cleese?

  26. Hey Hobo, you’d LOVE the new meme going around. Pick your favourite chocolate bar, and there’s a description beside it. In my case “I like it wild and fruity” (fruit and nut). Isn’t it fucking brilliant – do you love it?

  27. @blondebimbo munchies?

  28. @cara ….maybe…maybe not…but then again…maybe.

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