Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Proud Parents

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  1. Yeah, baby be ballin with what appears to be $450 or so. Ooooooh.

  2. They over paid for that baby.

  3. I concur sideshow, they spent way too much on that baby. I can pick up babies for free at Wal-Mart damnit.

  4. #1: KELLY’S! Kelly is not plural. Kellies is just plain stupid. Even my crappy ass spell check has picked up on that.

  5. MsBuzzkillington

    Another party for Kellie. Kellie’s another year older, she is 1/4th century old.

    Geez, you can’t be lazy and just squish it all together in one sentence.

  6. Shoot I forgot the rest of my post.

    #2:I’m not sure which one is worse. The parents, the reporter’s smart ass comment,(Let’s face it, nobody can be that dumb,can they?), or Ryan for thinking that is current news.

    #3: I believe…ugh never mind…smh.

  7. Now the moment you have all been waiting for, here is todays Porno Birthday.

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  8. That baby’s actin’ like he’s never seen a twenty before.

  9. @ defectiveuser It is current. Had a kid in my area die after being left in a hot car just a few days ago. About a week before that, I saw a very similar news report about “ways to remember you have a freaking kid when you get out of the car, you person who should have sterilized themselves long ago” (obviously that is directed at ignorant parent, not the person I am replying to). The cell phone was one of the ways they recommended.

  10. I am terrified to let my daughter leave my sight let alone leave her in a car by herself. It obviously has nothing to do with the economic issues. That is nothing but an extremely lame excuse.

    I misinterpreted the post at first. I am a little off today. For some reason I was thinking the guy thought this was the first time it ever happened.

    It’s okay, I am ignorant also. You didn’t have to specify. 😉

  11. #1: I think Mark is either just lazy or rather illiterate. They must be Brummies. Actually no, if they were Brummies then there’d be at least seven instances of ‘fuck’ in that thread.
    #2: While I really hope the people giving that ‘report’ were joking, it wouldn’t surprise me either way.
    #3: How many of you think that money is going to the college fund? Show of hands! Haha, yeah didn’t think so.

  12. I’d tell her that it is spelled Kellie because I said so.

  13. That baby doesn’t look like he is crying to me. Am I wrong?

  14. BOOBS!

  15. Due to my wife’s defective genes, my kids are all retarded anyway, so I like to leave them in the car during the summer. This way when I get back to the vehicle and remember the crushing responsibility of caring for special needs children, at least it smells like bacon.

  16. @sideshow, @nuff

    I just get mine from any parking lot, people are tending to leave them in cars lately

  17. They had clips of that “cell phone with baby” ad on The Soup not too long ago. It’s sadly real…

  18. Cold hard cash and babies should never mix. Unless it’s in a food blender, in which case that’s actually the recipe for a super milkshake (if you add milk too)

    Ryan is surprised that people leave their children in the car. Fuck that what i’m more annoyed about is the useless wankers leaving their phones, i bet that’s why nobody ever answers when i call them…Dicks!

  19. Re: Soup – He’s some kind of morally corrupt Einstein on acid and the only saving grace to yet more poor offerings from lamebook.

  20. Soup, I want your retarded babies.

  21. Hobo you left out “to have” between “I” and “want”. Might want to troubleshoot your keyboard.

  22. Ok I am going to fail myself for that last. Having brain checked for posting before coffee.

  23. throwingtofu – I’m deeply offended

  24. Soup, I to have want your retarded babies.

  25. i watched something that said keep a teddy bear in the car seat,when your kids in the car seat put the teddy in the front seat with you,that way if you get out of the car and see the teddy youll know youre kid is back there….wtf,i dont have kids but ive babysat my cousins jillions of times,how the fuck you do you forget a child..when im with a car seat sized baby thats the only thing i can focus on..people are ridiculous. maybe when i have kids ill just put little bells on them,like a cat,the constant jingles will remind me i have a baby.

  26. I have worked a very high stress job, with no sleep, cell phone constantly going and shit going crazy EVERYWHERE and yet I never remember “forgetting” my child was with me. I get it, some people make mistakes and I double and triple check my car every time I get out to make sure I am not one of those people . . . I just can’t imagine zoning out that far that you don’t even check to make sure your kid’s not locked in your oven of a car, much less remembering having them in the car at all. Taking my daughter with me anywhere is usually such a big to-do I rarely go anywhere. Hence, why I am posting on Lamebook.

  27. I wouldn’t be happy if I had the money that came from my mama’s g string was all over me either!

  28. My great-grandma went shopping in the nearest town (about 15 miles away)with her youngest child, who was a few months old at the time, left her outside a shop while she was buying something (perfectly normal in those days, apparently), then went home. It wasn’t til she got back that she remembered the baby was still in her pram outside the shop.

    To be fair, my great-grandma did have 11 kids.

  29. If I had 11 kids I would lock myself in a closet and drink all day.

  30. If I had 11 kids I would drink all day after I locked them in the closet.

  31. About babies in cars. It is horrifying and fascinating. It has been studied and they say it is a combination of exhaustion and a change in schedule/routine and throw the brain off, and it can happen to anyone. This is a really interesting (hearbreaking) article on the subject :

    I have never forgotten my kids, but I guess that is one of the small advantages they never tell you about having twins…it is such a pita to take them places, and they rarely sleep at the same time. Must be why you never hear about more than one kid being forgotten…

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