Friday, November 8, 2013

Pun Buzz

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  1. Sean sure was busy as a bee with that post.

  2. STEEEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRRRR!!! Buzz off all of ya! 1st!

  3. Steever, what the fuck is it that you do (or don’t do) with your life that you have the time to sit around lamebook all day constantly pushing the refresh button just so you can be the first to comment? (and fail at it)

    “First class like a boss” my white ass. You’re a closet bottom-feeder.

  4. Steeever = Sean = Steeever

  5. Reyna D. Claypool

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  6. We’ve come a long way. Steeeever used to get more thumbs up than the spammers.

  7. Tellingitreal, I basically just do whatever the hell I feel like, but if you’re asking if I work, ya I do a sweet job that pays more than ^Reyna d Claypools spam jobs, and also run my own side business.

  8. You’re a stripper? And sleep with men on the side?

  9. ^ boom

  10. Why all the hatin’ on Steeeeeverrrr? He da man! You go Ninja, you go!!! WHOOP WHOOP! Juggalo pride! Stever rules, Lamebook homies.

  11. at least that Dane fag seems to have run out of puff.
    now, if only the lamebook @dm1n would stop sullying the real Stevers memory and quit posting as him, that’d be just swell.

  12. Sean needs friends outside of Lamebook.


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