Monday, December 9, 2013

Put a sock in it…

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  2. I’ve loved a lot of socks.. Excpecially when a towel was out of reach.

  3. I tried a sock once, but it was too tight and cut off blood flow… Now I use pillow cases!

  4. Steeever, I think you’re doing it wrong.

    Also, I’m sorry your hernia is so large a pillow case is needed. Get that shit checked out bro.

  5. When I need something roomier than a pillow case, I use Cravenmooreheds moms B-hole!

  6. I Lust Steeeeveer has two fathers. That’s ok. It’s made him the lazy Fuck he is today.

  7. steeeever that son of a gun

    Steeeever 1, Cravenmoorehed 0

  8. This post socks.

    If you keep making socky posts, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  9. You liar Stephan, you can’t even make it across the border to fist my mom.

  10. I once shot my baby lard into a sock, my dad was furious…

    He’d only just put it on!

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  13. The Beast Among Us

    Why do people use socks when Kleenex is disposable?

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