Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick Picks

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  1. Evan!

  2. Evan Pfffttt……

  3. Does that last entry mean that people who break apart their Oreo’s to eat them are racist?

    I know. I hate myself for making that joke too, but simply couldn’t help it.

  4. The first 3 actually made me laugh out loud, I love the drumming one – classic. 🙂 I’m sitting in hospital after a hip replacement, so am hoping that Lamebook keeps adding more of the good stuff. (I am not sure I get that last one either Miss Shegas – nice gag though. )


  5. The last one is simple. before then the black part and white part would have had to be separate. That’s the joke.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Thank you Wallace.

  7. the second one would have been perfect, had he started with “so i just FLEW in from…,” thinking you’re going to hear the same old shtick.
    but it still got me.

  8. I kind of liked Craig’s post. Mostly because at first I was thinking he was a loser for thinking that 2:30am was late. Then I read the rest and thought, oh! HA!

  9. Buzzkillington, I have this weird suspiscion that you are 14 years old.

    But then I realized how cool you were since you OBVIOUSLY stay up really late all the time. So cool, you don’t even think 2:30 is late.

    I hate you so much, buzzkillington.

  10. @jonjones I hate you bees! I hate you bees!

  11. HA! Brilliant, Craig. Brilliant. Meh to the others. Personally, I like setting off fireworks at 4:30am in my chainsaw using neighbor’s lawn on a Tuesday with a full glass of vodka.

  12. Lamebook is just a cheap blog

  13. I knocked up my neighbour at 3:30 am this morning….

    At least I hope I did, I came in her enough times.

  14. @lmamofo

    You are terribly unfunny. Do your comments ever generate a laugh? It seems so desperate. You really try way to hard.

  15. @originallamester

    You are a terribly over critical cunt. Do you ever generate a laugh you miserable fuckpig ballbag? You make me way too hard.

    Your critical analysis is not in the form of an extensive rant filled essay therefore you can’t really mean it. You’re just trying to flirt with me aren’t you?

  16. @ lmamofo

    See, there it is again. Its so forced and therefore you’re still not funny.

  17. Silly little fuckwit, I just type what I think. Rather than being forced it is in fact more like a stream of consciousness thing, which is why i’m hit and miss and why I sometimes slip over some people’s line of acceptability.

    That being said, if you don’t find me funny just don’t read my comments especially whilst you’re in your underwear caressing yourself, i’m not just a piece of meat you know.

    Are you an exceptionally clever lingerie model?

  18. @ lmamofo

    Oh, don’t get me wrong. You haven’t crossed my line of acceptability. Well, regarding you coming across as an angry, and indeed lame, lone ranger of Lamebook, perhaps you have.

    The stream of consciousness explains the lack of a flow of both logic and context in your insults and comedy-contributions.

    Are you an exceptionally unfunny comedian?

  19. Pffft.. I was enjoying you until then.

    Debates are for wankers, I’m off for a wank.

    Nice that you noticed me though, it will make my next fist load come a little quicker.

  20. i like imamofo’s comments. he’s the most romantic date rapist ever. he pays for the drinks AND the chloroform, which makes him a true gentleman.

  21. He’s getting a pretty good fanbase…

    And that is one ugly mofobaby in the add

  22. I think I speak for everyone here when I say imamofo is one of the funniest people on here and we all laugh at his comments….

    atleast, until we realize he’s not joking when he shows up at our door with several already-open beers, some rope and a jackhammer.

  23. lol @ Jonjones

  24. Jonjones I nearly missed this one, cheers mate! It’s normally an unlocked window though, not a door.

    Not everybody laughs though mate… there is a dangerous undercurrent of moralistic do-gooders about, likely intent on changing our chaotic society into a well balanced, politically correct barren wasteland of banality…or ‘cunts’ as we call them in England.

  25. Well, really. And right they are. Shame on you

    (I sleep with the window open. Even during winter. Unless you’re afraid of losing a few bits to frostbites.)

  26. The first one made me cry with laughter >.<

    And *I* find Imamofo hilarious more often than not.

  27. Craig’s one is nabbed from elsewhere, I saw it on Twitter the other day, by Noddy Holder I think I first saw it tweeted by.

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