Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick Winnin’

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  1. Bbbbbbeeeeeaaaaveeeeeerrrrrr loves Sssstttteeeeeeeveeeeeeerrrrr!

  2. He has a cup too, he just needs another girl… also he has no nose…

  3. Did anyone notice the last one was posted “via FagBerry”?

  4. You have to be pretty thick if you forget your ethnicity, Hyeon.

  5. ^No he is not thick, ask her.

  6. Thanks throwingtofu. The Internet sure is a strange place.

  7. lolz to hyeon and at dragonfly for not getting the joke…
    have another…
    how do u know an Asian kid has broken into your house?

  8. There’s pee on your rug.

  9. That awkward moment where math is singular…

  10. The awkward moment when you remember that people outside of North America speak English, such as people from England, and call it maths, not math. As in mathematicS.

  11. The awkward moment when you realize than in North America they also speak French and Spanish. North America is not only the USA, it actually includes Canada and Mexico.

  12. i’m not stupid, it was a joke. I know people speak english, it wasn’s against him or her being asian.

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