Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quite a ReQUEST

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  1. I was also impressed with Sam’s grammar usage, but in the latter half of the post he ruined his chances by trying to sound like a hip 50 year old.

    Poor man, he looks like some lonely, divorced, college professor in that suit. I’m going to guess he teaches some sort of humanity or social science.

  2. Yeah I agree with DrKnossos, Poor sam.

    I have 70+ friend requests on Facebook from people I don’t know.
    Some of them have over 68 mutual friends with me but still, I don’t know them.

  3. Sam writes, “Let’s get together in one of those popular cafes…”
    This line reminds me of something Mr. Burns would say.

    “Let’s get together in one of those popular cafes…and enjoy that so called…iced cream!”

  4. chickens – I once got a message saying “You have very nice eyes, you should learn to sleep with your eyes open so I can look at them always.” Obviously I accepted his friend request and we are about to get married.

  5. LOL @ gingivitis. That’s creepy…serial killer creepy. lol

  6. cherry cola – cluck, cluck bitches, I literally laughed out loud 😛

  7. Sam’s grammar is better than most things we see here on Lamebook. Still, it isn’t perfect. I must say, it really is refreshing to see “you’re” and “your” used properly.

    Anyway, 57 minutes is just way too long. 52.37 minutes would be much more reasonable.

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