Friday, February 18, 2011

Race for Your Life…

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  1. I am French and in Quebec, it’s politically correct to make racist jokes.. soo


  2. I’m a racist butt


  3. you’re a racist butt??
    i’m guessing an ignorant ass, too.

  4. The first one was funny. The second one was chuckleworthy, but it feels stolen from someone else. The third one is just sad because I think they’re serious.

  5. Someone tell Nick’s dad that March won’t work. It’s women’s month and women are more irrational than black people. As a black person,I laugh at racist jokes. As a woman,I’ll shove the sexism up your bum.

  6. Amen belle837773!

    On a un meilleure sense de l’humour!

  7. A guy from Quebec and a guy from Ontario are fighting over a lantern when a genie pops out and grants them each one wish.

    The Quebecer says, “I want a wall around Quebec to protect my culture. Make it about 150 feet high, so nothing can get in or out.”

    “It is done,” says the genie, turning to the other guy. “And your wish?”

    The guy from Ontario says, “Fill it with water.”

  8. mass… tsk, you have it backwards. It’s Ontario (or better yet Newfoundland) that gets drowned.

  9. guffaw

  10. Nothing as funny as an attacking newbie on a Friday afternoon (#3) 🙂

  11. We need to get rid of these “special” programs for people of different races.

    Yeah, let’s continue to segregate people. Let’s not treat everyone equally. They are a black student, they are not a student. We must remember that!

  12. The second one is stolen — well, paraphrased — from Austin Powers in Goldmember. Nigel Powers says “There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.”

  13. At 1 and 6..if you are not black, or native, or a minority, then it is not politically correct to make racist jokes..stuff like that only happens in quebec..Racism is NOT politically correct or funny!!!!!

  14. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    None of these are racist. However, none of them are funny either.

  15. #13 nobody should- even minorities don’t exclude them.

  16. Did someone say interracial orgy?

  17. Wow! You guys really had some fun with racism behind a computer …smh is true, IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

  18. First one’s pretty chuckle-worthy. Second I’ve heard before. Third reflects something kinda poignant. (With exception to the comment) I think it’s pretty wrong that all minorities are able to be casually racist and no one thinks anything of it- but God help us and pass the pitchforks and torches if we are. But I guess it’s ok for me to be casually racist in Texas, being as non-Hispanic whites are statistically a minority ;P

  19. Well, I’m a minority, I disagree with the idea that we’re allowed to be casually racist. The only reason student unions for minorities are allowed is because minorities were–are oppressed and discriminated against. Has whites been subjected to this kind of treatment in America? I go to a school that is populated with a huge majority of whites. No, I’m not apart of a union, but I can see the reason for it. You only feel that way because you’re ignorant…

  20. The Irish in the 1800s? The Italians? Jews? Now who’s being ignorant?

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