Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random and Ridiculous!

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  1. I laughed a little at the last one. 🙂

  2. Scooby Doo reference… not too shabby.

  3. the second one was funny.
    i’ll laugh at the first one when the kid has to take intro english classes in college instead of getting credit from passing ap exams

  4. @Nails
    Don’t you mean “…not too Shaggy”?

    Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week.

  5. I read the Scooby Doo one years ago. That makes me cooler than the rest of you.

  6. Spencer, couldn’t have as been as bad as the awkward moment when you told your father you were, in fact, gay;

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    “Call Me Maybe” fucking sucks.

  8. You mean, before it was cool?

  9. ” Call Me Maybe” is my ringtone. I’m so ashamed.

  10. I never really saw Scooby Doo. I wonder if I really missed anything.

  11. ^no. you did not.

  12. “Call Me Maybe” makes me want to punch people in the face. It’s the perfect song for bouncers to listen to before starting their shift.
    I blame my fuck-up work colleagues and my local gym for the fact that I even know the god-awful song exists in the first place.

  13. Miss Misery, change your ringtone to the original Scooby Doo theme song.

  14. miss misery, if someone in my vicinity has the Call Me Maybe ringtone, I’m going to have to punch them in the face. Out of principle, you know?

  15. I’ve not heard this ‘Call Me Maybe’ song or whatever it is. I’m too busy listening to AC/DC.

  16. I also haven’t heard this “Call Me Maybe” song. The last song I heard everyone go on about that I hadn’t heard was “Friday” so this time I refuse. You can’t make me ok?! Pesky kids.

  17. hah. I still haven’t heard bloody friday. I think the last meme I got on board with was chocolate fucking rain.
    So, I learnt hard and I learnt early.

  18. Never heard of it ….

  19. Don’t do it to yourself, curly. You’re better off in sweet, sweet ignorance. The tragedy of it is that the young ‘uns LIKE it and are BUYING it. So it’s actually worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was; it is the motherfucking death rattle of music.

  20. That awkward moment when you realise that talking in internet memes displays you for the halfwit cumswiller you really are.

  21. ^fuck you. this is a cautionary tale.

  22. ^ Fuck your cautionary tale. I was aiming at Spencer, you were just collateral damage. You were to me what a Red Cross Ambulance is to an American.

    On another note I’ve just bummed someone with a stick, go check it out.

  23. shameless spamming like a mofo, and yet you’re the one trying to call me an obvious terrorist WMD-ized fake ambo driver?!

    what did I ever fucking do to you?

  24. What’s a meme?

  25. Frodo is a meme.

    No… wait…

  26. there is an alternative death metal version of rebecca black’s friday on youtube. it’s actually rather well done, and better than the original song (haha…um). for me, hearing “we’re so excited for the weekend, tomorrow is saturday” done in a death metal growl was just gold.

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