Monday, March 19, 2012

Raunchy Rosa

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  1. Wow. What a whore.

  2. yes you are.

  3. no she’s just lonely. why leave the house while you could just shake around for a few

  4. Whelp, she likes the cock.

  5. Did the 7 year old draw boobs on herself, or is Christina someone else?

  6. Oh don’t shame her for that comment, if they had openings like vaginas there would bevplenty of guys saying theyd never leave the house.

  7. And it’s not just the chairs, look at the mouths ready to take on those cocks… kid has a lot on her mind.

  8. Saffer, those are arms, not boobs. And those are puffy lips, not open mouths.

  9. Saffer, if you see a child with their mouth open, do you automatically assume it’s because they’re ready to “take on cock”?. In fact, fuck this you delusional little paedophile, that wasn’t a question. Because you do, the way you worded that statement suggests that’s exactly what you think. Or you’d be actually perverted enough to try and get a laugh from something so disgusting. Children are the fucking future you delinquent.

    You see how Beatus sees arms, and not boobs? And he also sees puffy lips and not open mouths waiting for dick? That’s because he’s not a paedophile.

    Don’t try so hard, rent boy.

  10. I’m a girl.

    It’s not delibarate, the same way the chairs “weren’t delibarate” but it’s still there. This kid needs a doctor. Fuck me if those aren’t boobs, and “o” mouths.

  11. I find some of the comments on this thread disturbing. Ok, so the beanbags my be a little bit phallic, definitely not intentional, OR subconscious. Saffer, you’re outvoted on the arms and lips, unless you think it’s normal for the bigger one which I assume to be Anna to be sprouting cauliflower from her nipples. This drawing is completely innocent, if anything the child deserves a fucking cookie for writing a god damn thank you note to her babysitter…

  12. ^ “You’re watching the Family Learning Channel. And now, Angry Ticks Fire Out Of My Nipples.”

  13. Girls can be paedos too. Sucks to be you, Saffer.

  14. ^Nice assumption there crusty. How does the foot taste?

  15. Meh, “rent boy” was the only assumption in crusty’s tirade. It doesn’t diminish the truth of the rest of the comment.

  16. yeah, except that it was written by fucking crusty.

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