Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

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  1. Jasmine is a legend.

  2. unacceptable

  3. Status brought to you by/stolen from textsfromlastnight. Lame.

  4. Damn it, she found out!

  5. I’m sure her next status message will be about how all men are pigs and only want one thing from her.

  6. FAIL

  7. hello dur textsfromlastnight.com

  8. I knew I’d heard it before somewhere!

    God these internetz are getting smaller everyday.

  9. Thieving whorish bitch

  10. Well, making your FB status something that was stolen from another site AND makes you look like a whore is pretty lame I guess.

  11. If she had put the area code, would that have been ok?

  12. Don Knotts FTW

  13. Lamebook Fail

  14. @Nicca, I had seen this on TFLN too but just cause we have time to waste on sites like these I doubt everyone else does, haha

  15. welp. can’t win ’em all.

  16. Masta Batang Dollar Billz

    Just because one assumes we don’t frequent the same sites doesn’t excuse this making it onto another one. If we missed it there, we shouldn’t have a recap here. That’s Lamebook’s fail for not keeping up with other similar sites, not Jasmine, who was just spreading a joke. End.

  17. Even if this did spring from the mind of Jasmine, it’s pretty amazing and clearly meant to be kind of raunchily witty, obviously not intended to be taken at face value. Why do some of you have to assume you have a monopoly on facetious irony and when someone else uses it (especially a chick or a minority) they’re OBVIOUSLY just whores and idiots?

  18. Shut up you whorish idiot.

  19. Oh, honey, no.

    That’s not a glow stick.

  20. Jasmine’s cooter is havin’ a party and everyone is coming.

  21. It’s not a glowstick. It’s just that time of the month for Mrs. Spock.

  22. I know Im coming!

  23. ‘fterklang, you always have the best comments.

  24. has anyone looked for Jimmy Hoffa in there?

  25. Lol how /awesome is it that clearly a bunch of us from this site also check textsfromlastnight at the same time too! I’m gonna make an assumption and say that fmylife is pretty popular with you lot too?

  26. Now THAT’S some funny shit.

  27. yeahhhhh taken from TFLN, not funny the 8490324802398409283th time around

  28. I don’t get it. Seriously!

  29. “me

    August 18th, 2009 at 8:09 am


    Comment #2 made me laugh really hard today. thank you.

  30. wherever its from….how can i get this glow something in my vajayjay????

  31. Well, clearly the party is in our Jasmine’s pants …

    (PS – ditto with comment # 2!)

  32. was it a red one?

  33. Can I have my glow stick back now?

  34. this is a rip off from textsfromlastnight.com

  35. when ET said ‘ET phone home’ he was calling his home world, not offering you his finger to use as a sex toy and keep! Some people i swear!!!

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