Thursday, August 22, 2013

Raymond’s Retort

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  1. He wasn’t all that bad, after all, he did kill Hitler!!

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  3. ^Sherry’s Retort

  4. What’s worse, Hitler or teen mamas?

  5. I may be wrong but I’m fairly certain that bringing a life into the world is in direct opposition to taking millions of lives out of the world. Just saying.

  6. Friendzone missed the point. The point is people can judge others without having to be in the exact same situation. We can judge Hitler for his acts without having to act like a jackass too. So we can judge teen moms without having to be one too.

  7. I never understand the hate for Teen Moms.

    They’re much better mothers than the old, dried up, past their sell by date, cougar cunts.

    I think it’s mainly that mob that criticise young girls for raising families, probably because they’re jealous that they missed their opportunity whilst being all empowered and shit.

  8. I don’t feel like I can judge this situation unless I was Hitler’s teenage mom.

  9. dingoateyourbaby

    One thing is for certain, many of the teen moms are irresponsible and are horrible parents. Should’ve used a condom…

  10. Stfuu? Shut the fuck up up?

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  12. #7 you don’t think it’s because it’s a clear display of irresponsibility as well as an unfair disservice to a child to be raised by someone who is only a hold herself? Or be pawned off on the grandparents? Or the fact that the teen mom has her teenhood taken away and won’t get to experience the things regular teenagers are supposed to enjoy?

  13. I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of someone who has to raise a child, has sleepless nights, and is still expected to go to school and function like the rest of her classmates.

  14. #6 You just don’t get logic at all do you. It’s sort of like watching a kid play video games. There is a disconnect between the staggering amount of technology and the relatively simple user interphase. We can judge Hitler without having to behave like him because through the lens of the past we have most if not all of the facts involved in the situation, and he was one person. However we can not judge teen moms because just from seeing one teen mom we can’t know all of the facts involved nor can we judge any group accurately without knowing each individual.

  15. #14: Yes, just because I don’t agree with you, that obviously means I don’t get logic… Really.

    You missed the obvious point. You really can judge someone regardless of knowing all the facts, no one ever said it had to be fair judgement. And you really don’t need all the facts too. All you need are a few examples of someones behavior, and that pretty much shows what the person is like most of the time. This still disproves the op’s point, you can form an opinion about a teen mother based on her character and show of responsibility, you DON’T need to be an actual teen mother to do this…

  16. #15
    To judge someone in the context which you used implies fair judgment. Clearly your intention was to mislead with circular logic. I’m sorry if you feel misjudged but perhaps you might consider that before leaping to conclusions about others.

  17. FinishHimFlawlessVictory

    All right, so usually, I’m against teen parents, not just teen Moms, because they’re not exactly fully developed in the mental area…But my sister got knocked up at sixteen years old, and had an amazing daughter, whom is now, of course, my niece and God-daughter..She got married to Lyssa’s(my niece) father, because we all told her ‘its the right thing to do” and she thought maybe she loved the guy. She did an incredible job as a mother for the first time, I fought crying as her lady of honor at her wedding, did her make-up, did her impossibly stubborn hair, and watched the ridicule destroy her confidence, and chance at a high school diploma (thanks Utah, you could at least have let her attend some online courses to complete what she was fully capable of doing, despite having a child)…I watched her be unhappy in a marriage, where the guy did love her, but they weren’t ‘meant to be’. She struggled for a while to find work, and ended up going to school through a program called job corps. to be able to make a better life for herself and her daughter, got a divorce, with no hard feelings, or battle for custody, just wanted visitation…She KNEW her ex-husband had better capabilities to care for her daughter, that she would be better off in all ways in the care of him for the most part. She did get a certification that was like a diploma, has her driver’s license, is extremely financially responsible (never ever due on a bill, mind you), and is a real ‘go-getter’ when it comes to her goals. She has a second daughter now, who’s a lot of fun to be around…and I don’t even like children, but the light of my day is when that lil’ girl comes runnin’ up to me and gives me a big ol’ hug for no reason other than seeing me, and she is SO well-behaved, she also has a son, with the man she is really meant to be with, who’s turning a year old here shortly, and I actually like the lil’ guy as well. She’s in a cosmetology college as of right now, doing excellent, and has NEVER. EVER. ONCE….given up on her children, forgot their birthdays, or anything like that. She has made many sacrifices, gone through several hard-ships, and been through ‘the ringer’ for all three of her children. She never talks ill on the father of her first-born, never hesitates to take her for a weekend, and honestly, likes to have her for more time than that, and hasn’t ever ceased loving them, or blamed them for any of her struggles. Me, I’ve received a high-school diploma, and never had children…But I am financially irresponsible, have blamed others in the past for my struggles, and really at times, have a hard time showing gratitude for what I have in life. Now, I’m not saying all teen Moms luck out like this, I’m just saying, my sister is one of the very best parents from my generation I’ve ever been around.

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